What are the characters in Spectrauma movie

The characters in Spectrauma movie are
Tina - Kristin Keating
Gunivere - Katy Neusteter
Young Isabelle - Chloe Southern
Kimberly - Migina Tsai
Isabelle - Jessica (I) Boone
Veronica - Christine Dawson
Grace - Kalyn Fong
James - Curtiss Johns
Music Student - Aaron (XII) Johnson
Dan - Eric Klassen
Student - Artemus Martin
Jasper - Chad Neidt
Brett - Trevor (VI) Nelson
Caleb - Chandan Prithiani
Prof. Lorenz - Seth (II) Rossman
Harold - Kevin Sean Ryan
October - Niels Schonbeck
Nikolas - Peter J. Walters
Ashley - Christine Brookshire
NRO agent - Scott R. (II) Davis
Pluto - David William Murray Fisher

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