What are the characters in Splintered movie

The characters in Splintered movie are
Detention Centre Visitor - Kathy Aigner
Frank's Daughter - Taylor Lucas
Young Sophie - Holly Messenger
Jane - Sadie Pickering
Lina Hastert/Princess - Angela Pritchett
Lina Hastert/Princess - Angela Pritchett
Sophie - Holly (III) Weston
Detention Centre Visitor - Alicia Zanger
Dark Fairy - Brittany (I) Cannino
Mother/Witch - Lila Desoto
News Reporter - Jane Drury
Detention Centre Visitor - Erica Fletcher
Sophie's Mother - Julie (I) Glover
Detention Centre Visitor - Elisabeth Hayward
John - Sol Heras
Praying Boy 2 - Alexander (III) Hill
Bar Patron - Doyle Hinkle
Young Vincent - Dominic (I) Holmes
Detention Centre Visitor - Kai Ianssen
Police Officer - Chris (I) Jack
Don Hastert/King - Jarod Kearney
Guard - Paul (V) Kent
Guard - Peter Millynn
Paramedic - Matthew (IX) Murphy
Guard - Richard (III) Needham
Kane Collins - Adrian (I) Auld
Guard Duncan - John (I) Batchelor
Bar Patron - Davey Beauchamp
Dean - Jonathan Readwin
Sophie's Father - Benedict Relton
The Creature - James (V) Roach
Stephen Worsley - Tom (I) Roberts
Young Gavin - Aaron (VII) Ross
Praying Boy 3 - Nigel Somerfield
Mysterious Stranger - Hank Spencer
Paramedic - Paul (II) Sullivan
Father Thomas - Colin Tierney
Detention Centre Visitor - Oliver Torr
Detention Centre Visitor - Anthony Vumbaca
Gavin/Vincent - Stephen (I) Walters
Paramedic - Stephen Worsley
Father Jacob - David (IV) Bowen
Detention Centre Visitor - Matt Zeremes
Bar Patron - Benjamin Zimmerman
Frank - James Caitlin
News Reporter - Jace Desay
Detention Centre Visitor - David Detores
Detention Centre Visitor - Matthew Detores
Sam - Sacha Dhawan
Police Officer - Nathan (I) Doyle
Praying Boy 1 - David (II) Duckworth
Gavin - Lindsay Farris
Detention Centre Visitor - Amelia-Jane Fujikake

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