What are the characters in Standing Room Only movie

The characters in Standing Room Only movie are
The Cook - Mignon Anderson
Lady in Restaurant - Fran Applebaum
Guest at Ritchie Home - Georgia Backus
Alice Faulkner - Laurie Kennedy
Herself - Gladys Knight
Nurse Cathy - Ann Lantuch
Larry's wife - Maureen Lipman
Office Girl - Teala Loring
Last in Line - Joanna Lumley
Simon's girlfriend - Lyndsey Marshal
Herself - Mary (I) Martin
Maria - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Opal - Marie (I) McDonald
Scientist #1 - Sahara McGraw
Wife of Colonel - Mira McKinney
Secretary - Noel Neill
Wife of Commander - Mary (I) Newton
Kathy - Annette (I) O'Toole
Urchin Girl - Michelle Perusich
Office Girl - Marcella Phillips
Jane Ritchie - Isabel Randolph
Girl - Robin Raymond
Major Harriet Cromwell - Anne Revere
Jane Ritchie - Isabel Randolph
Girl - Robin Raymond
Major Harriet Cromwell - Anne Revere
Herself - Diana Ross
Friend in crowd - Imogen Stubbs
Herself - Krystal (I) Summers
Herself - Standing Student - Krystal (II) Summers
Second in Line - Arsha Tahir
Little Girl - Lisa Turina
Terese - Barbette Tweed
First in Line - Emily Bandel
Herself - Shirley Bassey
Joanne - Meredith Baxter
Sixth in Line - Nathania Bernabe
Wife of General - Regina Wallace
Herself - Co-presenter - Shelley Webb
Herself - Dottie West
Miss Becker - Josephine Whittell
Mrs. Witherspoon - Tudi Wiggins
Extra - Molly (VII) Wilson
Peggy Fuller - Veda Ann Borg
Alice Todd - Hillary Brooke
Lady in Restaurant - Joan (II) Chell
Extra - Catherine Elissa Chow
Madge Larrabee - Susan (I) Clark
Molly - Bag Lady - Imogene Coca
Wife of Bey - Elvira Curci
Guest at Ritchie Home - Mary Currier
Veronica - Sophie Dahl
Little girl at hospital - Nicole de Boer
Secretary - Yvonne De Carlo
Champagne Lady - Moya Fenwick
Herself - Totie Fields
Jane Rogers - Paulette Goddard
Guest at Ritchie Home - Rita (I) Gould
Mary - Shelley Hack
Guest at Ritchie Home - Ethyl May Halls
Guest at Ritchie Home - Grayce Hampton
Mrs. Smeedley - Jennifer (I) Harmon
Secretary - Marilyn (II) Harris
Wife of Admiral - Winifred Harris
Gymnast - Leslie (I) Hoffman
Lady in Restaurant - Mary Jardin
Himself - Presenter - Kevin (I) Allen
Waiter - Sig Arno
T. J. Todd - Edward (I) Arnold
Larry - Michael Gambon
The Cook's Sweetheart - William Garwood
Himself - Mickey Gilley
Commander - Roy (I) Gordon
Hugo Farenhall - Porter (I) Hall
General - John (I) Hamilton
Tommy - Ian (I) Heath
Colonel - Herbert Heyes
Ned Bean - Mark E. Howell
Roger - Hugh Jackman
Sgt. Kelly - Ken (II) James
Waiter - Fran´┐Żois Klanfer
Glen Ritchie - Clarence Kolb
Himself - Kris (I) Kristofferson
Sherlock Holmes - Frank Langella
Himself - Jerry Lee Lewis
Hitler - Brandon (I) Ley
Rich Man #1 - Cec Linder
Fifth in Line - Jason (IX) Lloyd
Foreman - Arthur Loft
Lee Stevens - Fred MacMurray
Leary - Frank Maraden
Rich Man #2 - Arch McDonnell
Bey - Lal Chand Mehra
Conductor - Howard M. Mitchell
Mr. Witherspoon - Mavor Moore
Prof. Moriarty - George Morfogen
Guest at Ritchie Home - Harry Hays Morgan
Guest at Ritchie Home - Forbes Murray
Louis - Maitre 'D - Louis Negin
Himself - Rob (I) Newman
Henry - Doorman - Nick (I) Nichols
Simon - William (I) Ash
Craigin - Tom (I) Atkins
Larry's son - Nicholas Audsley
Himself - David Baddiel
Sidney Prince - Louis Beachner
Himself - Presenter - Simon O'Brien
Scientist #2 - Shawn (II) O'Conner
Themselves - The Oak Ridge Boys
Third in Line - Suresh (II) Patel
Himself - Carl (I) Perkins
Counterman - Ralph (I) Peters
Professor Humperdo - Vincent (I) Price
John - Michael (I) Quill
Hotel Clerk - Lorin Raker
Himself - Charlie Rich
Bassick - Dwight Schultz
Granny/Rastafarian/Hunter Jackson - Andy Serkis
Freddie the Freeloader - Red Skelton
Billy - Christian (I) Slater
Guest at Ritchie Home - Edwin Stanley
McTeague - Ralph Strait
O'Reily Brother 2 - Ryan Sumner
Sir Edward Leighton - John Tillinger
Mark - Che Watson
Dictagraph - Gayne Whitman
Jonas P. Shunt - Seth Williams-Welch
Dr. John H. Watson - Richard (I) Woods
Ira Cromwell - Roland (I) Young
Himself - Rory Bremner
Forton - Robert Brolli
O'Reily Brother 1 - Tony Brownrigg
Chuck McTylerson - Tony Bullard
Count von Stalburg - Yusef Bulos
Thomas Thunderironboltenblood - D.W. Campbell
Himself - Johnny (I) Cash
The Crawling Man - Josh Chansky
Fourth in Line - Ian (V) Collins
Larrabee - Stephen (I) Collins
Edna Jean Robinson - Richard D. Curtin
Admiral - Boyd Davis
Urchin Boy - Darren DiFonzo
Parsons - William Duell
Santa - Jack (II) Duffy
Foreman - Eddie (I) Dunn
Cab Driver - Frank Faylen
Usher - Kelsey Flower
Mr. Bathmond - Paul-Emile Frappier
Cab man - Hugo N. Furst

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