What are the characters in Stash House movie

The characters in Stash House movie are
Trish Garrety - Alyshia Ochse
Amy Nash - Briana Evigan
Cop - Gene Kevin Hames Jr.
Hanson - Richard (I) Holden
Ray Jaffe - Jon Huertas
Uniformed Police Officer 1 - Shadoe Knight
Andy Spector - Dolph Lundgren
Paramedic - Caleb Michaelson
Priest - Lance E. Nichols
Uniformed Police Officer - James (III) Rawlings
Uniformed Police Officer - Michael Patrick Rogers
Cop - Roger J. Timber
Max Farrell - Lawrence Turner
Bulldog - David Lee Valle
SWAT Officer - Douglas Wilcox II
Benz - Don Yesso
Uniformed Police Officer - David Cole Bottoms
Fed #2 - Sean (II) Boyd
Officer Rushing - Javier Carrasquillo
David Nash - Sean Faris

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