What are the characters in Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot movie

The characters in Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot movie are
Stewardess - Vanessa Angel
Mitchell's Girl - Jana Arnold
McCabe - Ella Joyce
Detective - Amy Kirkpatrick
Detective - Kimberley LaMarque
Secretary - Julia (I) Montgomery
World Traveler - Cheryl (I) Moore
Herself, Tutti's Dog - Pixie (I)
Detective - Shari Shaw
Stewardess Sally - Brigitta Stenberg
Lt. Gwen Harper - JoBeth Williams
TV Newscaster Leslie - Patti Yasutake
Tutti Bomowski - Estelle Getty
Secretary - Shelley A. Hill
Stewardess - Marjean Holden
Driver for 'Moore' at Airport - Dorian Gregory
Thug - Matt (I) Johnston
Detective - J. David Krassner
Gang Member - Chris Latta
Thug - A. Michael Lerner
Man at Airport - Ernie (I) Lively
Uniformed Cop - Mark Mikesell
Detective - Paul Dion Monte
Bad Guy - Manny Perry
Taxi Driver - Matthew (I) Powers
Parnell - Roger Rees
Pilot - Charles Renneisen
Mr. Stereo - Ving Rhames
Detective - Gary Rodriguez
Suicide - Nicholas Sadler
Munroe - Gailard Sartain
Helicopter Pilot - John D. Sarviss
Gun Clerk - Richard Schiff
Sgt. Joe Bomowski - Sylvester Stallone
Truck Driver - Richard Suggett
Street Hood - Kevin Ula Christie
Marine - J.D. Walters
Tony - John (I) Wesley
Ambulance Attendant - Cal (I) Wilson
Skycap - Art T. Yago
Thug - Jophery C. Brown
Mitchell - Dennis Burkley
Det. Ross - J. Kenneth Campbell
Detective - Larry (I) Campbell
Bad Guy - Roydon Clark
Thug - Norm Compton
Bad Guy - Justin De Rosa
Sergeant Ray Ban - Joey (I) DePinto
Lou - Al Fann
Paulie - Martin Ferrero
Pilot - J.W. 'Corkey' Fornof

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