What are the characters in Stories of Lost Souls movie

The characters in Stories of Lost Souls movie are
Hanna (segment "New Year's Eve") - Naomi Allisstone
Leah (segment "New Year's Eve") - Keira Knightley
Larry's Wife (segment "Standing Room Only") - Maureen Lipman
Last in Line (segment "Standing Room Only") - Joanna Lumley
Simon's Girlfriend (segment "Standing Room Only") - Lyndsey Marshal
Maria (segment "Standing Room Only") - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
The Beautiful Girl (segment "The Same") - Jacqui Maxwell
Carol (segment "A Whole New Day") - Kathrine Narducci
Herself (segment "Supermarket") - Sarah Silverman
Friends in Crowd (segment "Standing Room Only") - Imogen Stubbs
Call Girl (segment "Euston Road") - Tilly Blackwood
Julie-Anne (segment "Bangers") - Cate Blanchett
Autograph hunter (segment "Standing Room Only") - Elisa Boyd
Flirty Helen (segment "New Year's Eve") - Elizabeth (I) Chadwick
Woman in gold dress (segment "New Year's Eve") - Cissy Collins
Angela (segment "A Whole New Day") - Delilah Cotto
Mother (segment "Bangers") - Lynette Curran
Veronica (segment "Standing Room Only") - Sophie Dahl
Y's Woman (segment "Euston Road") - Louise Delamere
Herself (segment "Supermarket") - Illeana Douglas
Jane (segment "New Year's Eve") - Valerie Farr
Herself (segment "Supermarket") - Daryl Hannah
Champagne lady (segment "New Year's Eve") - Janet Hargreaves
The Little Man (segment "The Same") - Jason 'Wee Man' Acu�a
Larry (segment "Standing Room Only") - Michael Gambon
Vincent (segment "A Whole New Day") - James Gandolfini
The Baby (segment "A Whole New Day") - Gabriel (III) Garc�a
Himself (segment "Supermarket") - Jeff Goldblum
The Neighbor (segment "The Same") - Josh (I) Hartnett
Paul (segment "New Year's Eve") - Philip Herbert
Roger (segment "Standing Room Only") - Hugh Jackman
Matt (segment "New Year's Eve") - Amit Lahav
Autograph Hunters (segment "Standing Room Only") - Tim Lubens-Revalos
David (segment "New Year's Eve") - Stephen Mangan
Autograph Hunters (segment "Standing Room Only") - Philip (I) McGinley
Friends in Crowd (segment "Standing Room Only") - Duncan (II) Millership
Simon (segment "Standing Room Only") - William (I) Ash
Larry's Son (segment "Standing Room Only") - Nicholas Audsley
Autograph Hunters (segment "Standing Room Only") - James (I) Orange
Michael (segment "New Year's Eve") - Bohdan Poraj
Granny/Rastafarian/Hunter Jackson (segment "Standing Room Only") - Andy Serkis
Autograph Hunters (segment "Standing Room Only") - Daniel Weyman
Y (segment "Euston Road") - Paul Bettany
The Gunner (segment "Sniper 470 ") - Billy (I) Boyd
X (segment "Euston Road") - Charlie Condou
Little boy (segment "New Year's Eve") - Cameron Cuffe
Jimmy (segment "A Whole New Day") - Ned (I) Eisenberg
Barman (segment "Euston Road") - Nabil Elouahabi

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