What are the characters in Strategic Air Command movie

The characters in Strategic Air Command movie are
Sally Holland - June Allyson
Woman in Cafe - Mary Ellen Batten
Nurse - Helen (I) Brown
Mrs. Thorne - Rosemary DeCamp
Party Guest - Bess Flowers
Major - Patrol Commander - Don (I) Haggerty
Bartender - Don C. Harvey
General's Aide - Len Hendry
Forecaster - William (I) Hudson
Gen. Ennis C. Hawkes - Frank Lovejoy
Lieutenant - Controller - Richard Lupino
Crewman - Mike (I) Mahoney
Airman - Strother Martin
Capt. Symington - John (II) McKee
Capt. Miller - Lee (II) Miller
Maj. Gen. 'Rusty' Castle - James (I) Millican
Sgt. Bible (flight engineer) - Harry (I) Morgan
Ike Knowland - Alex (I) Nicol
Rev. Dr. Thorne - James (I) Bell
Captain - House Peters Jr.
Reporter - Max (I) Power
Okinawa Controller - William (I) Pullen
Capt. Johnson - Vernon Rich
Flight Instructor Pilot - Richard (I) Shannon
Lt. Col. Robert 'Dutch' Holland - James (I) Stewart
Lt. Col. Rocky Samford - Barry (I) Sullivan
Capt. Brown - David (I) Vaile
Yakotda Controller - Anthony Warde
Duty Officer - Harlan Warde
Sergeant - Stephen (I) Wyman
Gen. Espy - Bruce (I) Bennett
Sgt. Jones - Radio Operator - Glen Denning
Tom Doyle - Jay C. Flippen

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