What are the characters in Suburban Commando movie

The characters in Suburban Commando movie are
Kim - Denice Kumagai
Theresa Wilcox - Laura (I) Mooney
Little Girl - Elisabeth Moss
Woman at Fruitstand - Sparkle (I)
Margie Tanen - Jo Ann Dearing
Girl (a.k.a. Hooker) - Jennifer Delora
Jenny Wilcox - Shelley Duvall
Woman at Vending Machine - Louan Gideon
Lady - Marcy Goldman
Mutant Suitor - Vincent Hammond
Shep Ramsey - Hulk Hogan
Charlie Wilcox - Christopher (I) Lloyd
Knuckles - Tony Longo
Mailman - Marc Miles
Paperboy - Will Miles
Adrian Beltz - Larry (I) Miller
Man with Dog - Pat Millicano
Mime - Tom Morga
Zukaki - Richard Narita
Commander - Christopher (III) Neame
Gen. Suitor - William (I) Ball
Car Fanatic #1 - Michael (I) Ballew
Eric - Malachi Pearson
Kid - Joey Simmrin
Soldier - Skip Stellrecht
Store Owner - Sumant (I)
Yamakawa - Duane Taniguchi
Alien Gen. Suitor - Frank Welker
Bystander - Billy 'Sly' Williams
Deak - Dennis Burkley
Hutch - Mark Calaway
Punk #2 - Keith (I) Campbell
Ringo - Luis (I) Contreras
Zanuck - Roy Dotrice
Punk #1 - Ellis Edwards
Car Fanatic #2 - David (I) Efron
Col. Dustin 'Dusty' McHowell - Jack Elam
President Hashina - Nick Eldredge
Teeth - Tony (I) Epper
Mark Wilcox - Michael (I) Faustino
Official - John (I) Furlong

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