What are the characters in Sugarhouse movie

The characters in Sugarhouse movie are
Crack Punter - Tania Joseph
Sef's Mother - Flor Kent
Sef's sister - Nicole Kent
Tanya - Tracy Whitwell
Crystal - Sharon D. Clarke
Lift Lady - Evie Garratt
Crack Punter - Darby Hawker
Michela - Sharnie Hobbs
Pregnant Girl - Hayley Angel Holt
Paul - Ade (I)
Caf? Owner - Stephen Gressieux
Crack Punter - Ben Groom
Crack Punter - Gordon Jameson
Sef's Brother - Nathan Kent
Youth - James Eyres Kenward
Crack Punter - Dominic Leyton
Tom - Steven Mackintosh
Crack Punter - Jason Maza
Crack Punter - Deano Mcbride
Youth - Obadiah Morrissey
Crack Punter - Abdi Bahdon
Gary - Ted Nygh
Youth - Wayne Powerdavis
Chris the Pinhead - Steven (I) Robertson
Sef - Tolga Safer
Big Dog - Samson (IX)
Hoodwink - Andy Serkis
Crack Punter - David (XVI) Spencer
Crack Punter - Uzi
D - Ashley (I) Walters
Gobby Youth - Bronson Webb
Whuntz - Johann Ben�t
Crack Punter - Richard (IV) Bradbury
Crack Punter - Sam Davani
Ray - Adam (I) Deacon

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