What are the characters in Sunday Bloody Sunday movie

The characters in Sunday Bloody Sunday movie are
Party Guest - Nike Arrighi
Mrs. Greville - Peggy Ashcroft
Daniel's Sister-in-Law - Liane Aukin
Answering Service Lady - Bessie Love
Barmitzvah Guest - Mercia Mansfield
Party Guest - Barbara Markham
Designer's Girlfriend - Petra Markham
Party Guest - Rohan McCullough
Daniel's Mother - Hannah Norbert
Alva Hodson - Vivian Pickles
Tess Hodson - Emma (I) Schlesinger
Lucy Hodson - Kimi Tallmadge
Rowing Wife - Caroline Blakiston
Travel Agent - Monica Vasileiou
Woman Patient - June Brown
Aunt Astrid - Marie (I) Burke
Barmitzvah Guest - Esta Charkham
Wife at Hospital - Gabrielle Daye
Party Guest - Ann Firbank
Barmitzvah Guest - Hilary Hardiman
Alex Greville - Glenda (I) Jackson
Party Guest - Francis Ghent
Party Guest - Derek Gilbert
1930s Flashback Rabbi - Henry (I) Gilbert
Daniel's Father - Harold Goldblatt
Rowing Husband - Peter (I) Halliday
Bob Elkin - Murray (I) Head
Party Guest - William Job
Barmitzvah Guest - Simon (I) Joseph
Barmitzvah Guest - Gideon Kolb
Man at Party - Douglas (I) Lambert
Barmitzvah Guest - Martin (II) Lawrence
Timothy Hodson - Russell (I) Lewis
Bob's Partner - Richard Loncraine
Bob's Partner - Royce (I) Mills
Prof. Johns - Thomas Baptiste
Next door Neighbour - George Belbin
Patient - Richard (II) Pearson
Daniel's Nephew - Robin Presky
Airline Doctor - John (II) Rae
Daniel's Brother - Robert Rietty
Party Guest - Donald Sumpter
Baby John Stuart Hodson - Patrick Thornberry
Lorry Driver - Joe Wadham
Party Guest - John (I) Warner
Restaurant Owner - David (III) Webb
Party Guest - Robert (I) Wilde
Bill Hodson - Frank Windsor
George Harding - Tony (I) Britton
Chemist - Ellis Dale
Cantor - Henry Danziger
Child Vandal - Daniel Day-Lewis
Mr. Greville - Maurice Denham
Barmitzvah Guest - Jovey Douben
Barmitzvah Guest - Reuben Elvy
Husband at Hospital - Edward (I) Evans
Hodson child - Carl Ferber
Scotsman - Jon (I) Finch
Dr. Daniel Hirsh - Peter (I) Finch

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