What are the characters in Sunset Serenade movie

The characters in Sunset Serenade movie are
Party Guest - Mary (I) MacLaren
Sylvia Clark - Helen Parrish
Vera Martin - Joan Woodbury
Rancher in Antlers Saloon - Karl Hackett
Gabby - George 'Gabby' Hayes
Henchman Jeff - Jack (I) Ingram
Henchman - Eddie Juaregui
Sheriff Praskins - Jack (I) Kirk
Martin Rider - Rex Lease
Henchman - Art Mix
Henchman Monte - Monte (I) Montague
Sam - Charles R. Moore
Henchman Bart Reynolds - Roy Barcroft
Bob - Bob Nolan
Sylvia's Driver - Jack (I) O'Shea
Party Guest - Edward Peil Sr.
Henchman - Pascale Perry
Lloyd - Sons of the Pioneers - Lloyd Perryman
Ranch Hands/Musicians - Sons of the Pioneers
Jim - Jack (I) Rockwell
Roy Rogers - Roy (I) Rogers
Bagley Ranch Hand - Rudy Sooter
Member - Sons of the Pioneers - Tim (I) Spencer
Gregg Jackson - Onslow Stevens
Clifford Sheldon - Frank M. Thomas
Trigger - Trigger (I)
Antlers Bartender - Dick Wessel
Pat Brady - Member, Sons of the Pioneers - Pat (I) Brady
Antlers Hotel Clerk - Lynton Brent
Langdon - Fred (I) Burns
Martin Cowhand - Budd Buster
Party Guest - Steve (I) Clark
Party Guest - Curley Dresden
Party Guest - Frank (I) Ellis
Hugh - Member Sons of the Pioneers - Hugh Farr
Karl - Member Sons of the Pioneers - Karl Farr

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