What are the characters in Supervisors movie

The characters in Supervisors movie are
Marla - Mady Kaplan
Maggie - Marjorie Lovett
Marie - Juanita Mahone
Ms. Barnes - Debra Mooney
Fran - Ellen (I) Parker
Mrs. Bostic - Marilyn Rockafellow
Mrs. Bostic - Marilyn Rockafellow
Carol - Robin Bartlett
Ronnie - Shirley Black-Brown
Peggy - Gretchen (I) West
Mrs. Wagner - Carolyn (II) Byrd
Claire - Jean De Baer
Mary - Mary Donnet
Sonia - Jane Fleiss
Eve - Carrick Glenn
Irene - Donna Haley
Abbott - Victor (II) Arnold
Tom - Steve Hofvendahl
Earl Battaglia - Eddie (I) Jones
Lee - Michael (I) Kell
Dick - Eugene (III) Lee
Andy Baxter - William Mooney
Stanley - Ed (I) O'Neill
Madison - Ron Parady
Foster - Larry (I) Riley
Ed - William (I) Sadler
Don - Don (I) Stark
T. Fred - Ralph Byers
Harvey - Daryl Edwards
Bob - Richard Fancy

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