What are the characters in Surviving Picasso movie

The characters in Surviving Picasso movie are
Maya - Laura Aikman
Party Guest - Brigitte Kahn
Olga Picasso - Jane Lapotaire
Juggler - Beth (I) Lawson
Fran?oise Gilot - Natascha McElhone
Dora Maar - Julianne Moore
Olga as Ballerina - Andrea (I) Nagy
Fran?oise's Grandmother - Joan Plowright
Paloma Picasso, Age 5 - Alex Pooley
Party Guest - Gwen Reed
Party Guest - Gwen Reed
Peachy - Judith Sharp
Maid - Val�rie Tol�dano
Trapeze Artist - Charlotte Balthorpe
Jacqueline - Diane Venora
Poodle Woman - Leanne Whitney
Lydia - Valentina Yakunina
Snake Woman - Nicola Christian
Journalist - Elizabeth (I) Corbett
Juggler - Debbie Cusmans
Waiting Woman - Sevilla Delofski
Genevi?ve - Allegra Di Carpegna
Plummy - Rose English
Marie-Th?r?se - Susannah Harker
Stage Directions - Celia Hewitt
Henri Matisse - Joss Ackland
Priest - Olivier Galfione
Claude Picasso, Age 7 - Joe Gecks
Marcel - Peter Gerety
Drunken Comrade - Stefan Gryff
Pablo Picasso - Anthony (I) Hopkins
Translator - Boris Isarov
Commissar - Alexei Jawdokimov
Man Without a Match - Cengiz Khan
Clown - John (V) Lawson
Testicle - Leon Lissek
American Officer Presenting a Dagger - Andrew Litvack
Kahnweiler - Joseph Maher
Torso - Hamish McColl
Police Commissioner - Anthony (I) Milner
Matador - Marc Monnet
Reporter - Jean-Gabriel Nordmann
Party Guest - Bruno Pasquier-Desvignes
Fran?oise's Father - Bob (I) Peck
Man Servant - Jacky Pratoussy
Party Guest - Laurence (II) Richardson
GI Presenting a Cowboy Hat - Seth (I) Rubin
Reporter - Laurent Schwaar
Party Guest - Georgio Serafini
In?s - Agapi (I) Stassinopoulos
Waiting Man - David Sterne
Reporter - Scott Thrun
Reporter - Marc Tissot
Clown - Kevin (I) Toomey
Clown - Mathew Ware
Paulo Picasso - Dominic West
Pierre - Nigel Whitmey
German Soldier - Andreas Wisniewski
Kootz - Dennis Boutsikaris
Claude, Age 2 - Damien Brun
Diaghilev - Vernon Dobtcheff
Clown - Mike Donfield
Party Guest - Sandor El�s
Sabartes - Peter (I) Eyre
Party Guest - Olegar Fedoro
German Officer - Tom (I) Fisher

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