What are the characters in Swimmers movie

The characters in Swimmers movie are
Julia Tyler - Cherry (I) Jones
Merrill - Sarah Paulson
Sara - Christina Shadeck
Bully Girl on Bus - Sarah Stusek
Doctor's Receptionist - Jane (I) Beard
Mike's Girl - Bodine Boling
Airport patron - Mary Ann Walsh
Emma Tyler - Tara Devon Gallagher
Shellie - Kate (I) Goehring
Oyster Buyer - Terry Alston
Greg the Catcher - Mitchell Green
Russell - Don (I) Harvey
Clyde Tyler - Shawn Hatosy
Mr. Brinkman - Irving Jacobs
Bartender - Carter Jahncke
Will Tyler - Robert Knott
Mike Tyler - Michael (I) Mosley
Sydney Vintia - Ben Parham
Sonny - Patrick Tovatt
Moriah - Beth Trumbull
Ekaterina - Ekaterina Vasilenko
Boris - Boris Zolotov
New Homeowner - Jim Chance
Winston - John (I) Chatham
Hayward - Charles H. Clyburn
Elijah - Michael De Palma

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