What are the characters in Swing Vote movie

The characters in Swing Vote movie are
Presidential Aide - Lynda Alhussiny
Photographer - Alexandra (I) Andrews
Anne Kornblut - Anne Kornblut
Newsroom Operator - Cynthia (IV) Lee
News Anchor #1 - Patty Lotz
Vermont Reporter #3 - Suzanne (I) Michaels
Female Student #3 - Amber Midthunder
Gay Female Cop - Jessica Morin
Justice Sara Marie Brandwynne - Kate Nelligan
Walter's Party Girl - Therese Olson
Trailer Reporter #5 - Katalina Parrish
Kate Madison - Paula Patton
Boone Staffer #1 - Cynthia Ruffin
Greenleaf Aide #2 - Kate (I) Schroeder
High End Reception Guest - Janet (VII) Smith
Darlene - Cynthia Straus
Vermont Reporter #1 - Sheila Ivy Traister
Socialite - Jo Blackstone
Galena Greenleaf - Nana Visitor
Female Student #1 - Madelin Whelpley
Lesbian Schoolteacher - Rebekah (I) Wiggins
Larissa Johnson - Mare Winningham
Campbell Brown - Campbell (II) Brown
Market Reporter #3 - Debra-Jayne Brown
Commercial Director - Trista Callander
Molly Johnson - Madeline Carroll
Market Reporter #2 - Shauna Clark
Linda Kirkland - Margaret Colin
TV Reporter - Jennifer Dunstan
Marley Terrell - Tracey Ellis
Mrs. Abernathy - Mary Sue Evans
First Lady Boone - Pamela Finley
Trailer Reporter #3 - Esodie Geiger
Female Student #2 - Alyssa (I) Gutierrez
Virginia Mapes - LisaGay Hamilton
Field Reporter #1 - Dale Harimoto
Mary Hart - Mary (I) Hart
Greenleaf Aide #4 - Heather Hitt
Waitress - Mara Holguin
Reporter - Rachel Hroncich
Trailer Reporter #4 - Constance Hsu
Arianna Huffington - Arianna Huffington
Protester - Vicente Alirez
TV Producer - Janeal Arison
Joseph Michael Kirkland - Andy (I) Garcia
Trailer Reporter #1 - Dan Gerrity
C.J. - David (II) Giammarco
President Andrew Boone - Kelsey Grammer
Cheering Fan - Cliff Gravel
Greenleaf Aide - Chaz Grundy
Justice Hank Banks - Albert (I) Hall
Market Reporter #4 - Price Hall
Boone Staffer #2 - Jason Henning
Donald Greenleaf - Dennis Hopper
Presidential Supporter - Gene Hunt
Himself - Michael (I) Jackson
Gay Soldier - Tim (II) Janis
Softball - Bob Jesser
Vermont Reporter #2 - Jeremy Jojola
KNME Techie - Colin (VI) Jones
Gay Doctor - Olajida Kashu
Larry King - Larry (I) King
Waiter - Alex (IV) Knight
Presidential Advisor - Daniel (VII) Knight
Gay Partner #2 - Brent (II) Lambert
Art Crumb - Nathan (I) Lane
Debate Spectator - Tom LaSalle
Roswellian Alien - Michael A. Lente
ET Segment Producer - Todd (I) Lewis
John Sweeney - George (I) Lopez
Sierra Club Member - John Macho
Bill Maher - Bill (I) Maher
Reporter - William E. Marshall
Jody Maroni Vendor - Cameron (I) Martin
Male Student #2 - Angelo (I) Martinez
Chris Matthews - Chris (VII) Matthews
Father In Classroom - Bruce McIntosh
Secret Service Agent #2 - David (II) Meeker
Gay Partner #1 - Scott (IV) Meyer
UPS Delivery Man - Charles (XII) Moore
UPS Delivery Man - Charles (XXIII) Moore
Bud Johnson's Band - Teddy (I) Morgan
Attorney General Wyatt - Mark Moses
Willie Nelson - Willie (I) Nelson
Justice Benjamin 'Rip' Ripley - John Aylward
Justice Eli MacCorckle - Bob Balaban
Mourner - Richard Barela
Henry - Pierre Barrera
Will Dunn - Harry Belafonte
Lawrence O'Donnell - Lawrence O'Donnell
Hank - Dale (II) O'Malley
Justice Harlan Greene - Milo O'Shea
Trailer Reporter #2 - Cris Ornelas
Richard Petty - Richard (I) Petty
Jed - Shawn Prince
Chief Justice - Robert Prosky
Marshall Cryer - Don Pugsley
Secret Service Agent - Brian (II) Reece
Walter - Judge Reinhold
Presidential Supporter - Fred Resler
Pizza Delivery Guy - Chance Romero
Ad Exec - Tom (I) Romero
Network Reporter - Les Shapiro
Greenleaf Aide #1 - Arron Shiver
Commercial Director - Joshua Michael Stern
Gospel Minister - Tony (II) Stern
Justice Brower - Adam (I) Taylor
Randall - Wes Trudell
Martin Fox - Stanley (I) Tucci
Field reporter #2 - Tom Urich
Justice Clore Cawley - Ray Walston
Male Student #1 - Taylor Warden
Chief Running Bear - Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman
Daniel Morissey - James Whitmore
Secret Service Agent - Tyler (VIII) Williams
Bud Johnson's Band - Bobby (I) Yang
Secret Service Agent - Chris (II) Bentley
Male Student #3 - Isaiah Bergert
Tony Blankley - Tony Blankley
BBC Reporter - Robert Anthony Brass
Child on Playground Slide - Keanu Briones
Aaron Brown - Aaron (I) Brown
Carl - Ivan Brutsche
Secret Service Agent #3 - Robert (VI) Cain
Tucker Carlson - Tucker Carlson
James Carville - James Carville
Funeral Extra - Alex (III) Castillo
Funeral Extra - Bryan Chacon
Bud Johnson's Band - Charles Park Chisholm
Bud Johnson's Band - Larry Cobb
Bud Johnson's Band - John J. Coinman
News Reporter - Dave Colon
Bud Johnson - Kevin Costner
Secret Service - Jahani Curl
Greenleaf Aide #3 - David (II) Dalton
Secret Service Agent #1 - Christopher Dempsey
Market Reporter #1 - Richard M. Dereyes
Mapes Council - Joe (I) Drago
Lewis - Charles Esten
Curly - Gary (I) Farmer
Bud Johnson's Band - Blair Forward
Matt Frei - Matt Frei
Ted Drake - Forrest Fyre

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