What are the characters in Talking About Sex movie

The characters in Talking About Sex movie are
Party Guest - Casey (II) Lee
Joan Morgan - Daria Lynn
Party Guest/Extra - Carol Maitland
Party Guest/Extra - Cara (I) Miller
Party Guest/Extra - Patti Neill
Party Guest - Gaby Nimier
Party Guest - Kim Reader
Party Guest - Kim Reader
Emma - Sylvia Saxon
Party Guest - Delores Scozzesi
Party Guest - Deborah Selby
Party Guest - Liza (I) Siegel
Lou's Girlfriend - Selma Benjamin
Party Guest - Charlene Blaine
Rachel Parsons - Marcy Walker
Andie Norman - Kim Wayans
Party Guest - Camie Young
Party Guest - Lois Bostwick
Party Guest - Kahlena Cooper
Party Guest/Extra - Luann Gold
Party Guest/Extra - Catherine Grace
Party Guest/Extra - Donna Harazim
Party Guest/Extra - Doug Glen
Party Guest/Extra - Michael (II) Henderson
Norman - Jules Mandel
Party Guest/Extra - Ed (I) Miller
Party Guest/Extra - Charles Mitri
Party Guest/Extra - Michael Mizgalski
Party Guest/Extra - Rene Mujica
Doug Penn - Daniel (I) Beer
Party Guest - David Pecchia
Carl Morgan - Randy (I) Powell
Party Guest - Bronwyn Queen
Lou Jacobs - Joe (I) Richards
Michael Columbus - Kerry Ruff
Party Guest - Albert Siedman
Larry Lepke - Charles (I) Stransky
Party Guest - Barry Weinberger
Party Guest - Gary M. Bettman
Party Guest - Vito Bonaza
Mathew Jacobs - Michael Columbo
Party Guest - Ken (VII) Cooper
Macho Mark - Mark (I) Cuban
Party Guest/Extra - Van Zan Frater

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