What are the characters in Tatlo... Magkasalo movie

The characters in Tatlo... Magkasalo movie are
Barok - Gina Alajar
Alice - Rita (I) Avila
Party Guest - Mailes Kanapi
Elsie - Ara Mina
Alice - three month old - Janeth Ornalez
Alice - newborn - Riena Lyn Samanego
Susan - Sharmaine Suarez
Party Guest - Kaye Marie June Congmon
Upeng - Eva Darren
Party Guest - Lorraine Fernandez
Party Guest - Audrey Ignacio
Party Guest - Manny Abella
Party Guest - Reggie Gonzales
Tito - Tonton Gutierrez
Party Guest - Sam Intano
Marcie - Philip Lazaro
Gynecologist - Manny (III) Mendoza
Repairman - Rod Mendoza
Repairman - Jojo Oducayen
Party Guest - Joel Olivera
Second Taxi Driver - Ricky Pascua
Fourth Taxi Driver - Romy Raga
Assistant Site Engineer - Robert Resurecion
Aldo - Roy Rodrigo
First Taxi Driver - Edgardo Salvador
Site Engineer - Dennis Selis
Third Taxi Driver - Phil Valdellon
Party Guest - Rolland Villarosa

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