What are the characters in The Adventures of Tintin movie

The characters in The Adventures of Tintin movie are
Abdallah - Sophie Arthuys
Zorrino - Patricia Legrand
Chang - Julie Lemieux
Snowy - Susan Roman
Snowy - Susan Roman
Bianca Castafiore - Kim Stengel
Old Lady - Jacquie Barnbrook
Bianca Castafiore - Marie Vincent
Additional Voices - Liz Dufresne
Press Reporter - Sana Etoile
Bianca Castafiore - Maureen Forrester
Mrs. Finch - Sonje Fortag
Additional Voices - Denis Akiyama
Scharlaken Rackham - Arnold Gelderman
Additional Voices - Paul (I) Haddad
Additional Voices - Graham (III) Haley
Additional Voices - Keith Hampshire
Thomson - Dan Hennessey
Additional Voices - David (I) Huband
Additional Voices - Marvin (I) Ishmael
Afghar Outpost Soldier/Secretary - Mark Ivanir
Silk - Toby (I) Jones
Additional Voices - Tom Kneebone
Additional Voices - Keith (II) Knight
Le professeur Tournesol - Henri Labussi�re
Additional Voices - Michael Lamport
Additional Voices - Ray Landry
Tchang - David (III) Lesser
Allan/Pirate Flunky #1 - Daniel (I) Mays
Radio Announcer - Peter Meech
Market Artist - Nathan Meister
Allan Thompson - Marc Moro
Dupond - Jean-Pierre Moulin
Additional Voices - Neil (I) Munro
Additional Voices - Harvey Atkin
Dupont - Yves Barsacq
Tintin - Jamie (I) Bell
Tintin - Colin O'Meara
Thompson - Simon Pegg
Le capitaine Haddock - Christian Pellissier
Additional Voices - Frank (III) Perry
Additional Voices - Frank (I) Proctor
Nestor/Mr. Crabtree - Enn Reitel
Co-Pilot/French Medic - Phillip Rhys
Professor Calculus - Wayne (I) Robson
Pedro/1st Mate - Sebastian Roch�
Additional Voices - Mario (I) Romano
Nestor - Michel Ruhl
Additional Voices - August Schellenberg
Captain Haddock/Sir Francis Haddock - Andy Serkis
Barnaby - Joe (I) Starr
Thompson - John (I) Stocker
Tintin - Thierry Wermuth
S?raphin Lampion - Georges Berthomieu
Sailor/Lookout - Ron Bottitta
Additional Voices - Robert Cait
Additional Voices - Graeme (II) Campbell
Nestor - Vernon Chapman
Sakharine/Red Rackham - Daniel (I) Craig
Tom/Pirate Flunky #2 - Mackenzie Crook
Lieutenant Delcourt - Tony (I) Curran
Soldier - Ibrahim Elkest
Ben Salaad - Gad Elmaleh
Pilot - Cary Elwes
Captain Haddock - David (I) Fox
Thomson - Nick (I) Frost

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