What are the characters in The Bees\' Buzz movie

The characters in The Bees\' Buzz movie are
Party Guest - Ruth Kane
Peggy - Barbara (I) Leonard
Party Guest - Patsy O'Leary
Party Guest - Dot Farley
Party Guest - Thelma Hill
Country Club Drinker/Farmer - Billy (III) Gilbert
Homer Ashcraft - Harry Gribbon
Country Club Drinker - Jules Hanft
Member of Foursome Quartet - Ray (II) Johnson
Off-Screen Pianist - Harry (I) McCoy
Member of Foursome Quartet - Del Porter
Member of Foursome Quartet - J. Marshall Smith
Member of Foursome Quartet - L. Dwight Snyder
Tyler Smith - Peggy's Suitor - Tyler Brooke
Sheriff - Johnny (I) Burke
Andy - Peggy's father - Andy (I) Clyde
Country Club Drinker - Jack (I) Cooper
Jim - Homer's Pal - Vernon Dent
Vocal Ensemble - The Foursome

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