What are the characters in The Big Tease movie

The characters in The Big Tease movie are
Mrs. Beasie Mackenzie - Isabella Aitken
Party Guest - Kate (IV) Atkinson
Margaret Sim - Vicki Liddelle
Senga Magoogan - Angela McCluskey
Monique - Mary (I) McCormack
Reindeer Suit Person - Evie Peck
Dave London's Hair Model - Contrelle Pinkney
Young Valhenna Woman - Emily (I) Procter
Dianne Abbott - Melissa Rivers
Young Valhenna Woman - Emily (I) Procter
Dianne Abbott - Melissa Rivers
Isabelle - Rochelle (I) Rose
Hair Show Model - Mary Ann (I) Schmidt
Stig Lovely - Beaux Sedwick
Betty Fuego - Nina Siemaszko
Dick Miyake's Hair Model - Kimora Lee Simmons
Herself - Co-host (2008-2009) - Jill Simonian
Hotel Clerk - Cynthia Basinet
Stig's Hair Model - Kylie Bax
Herself - Veronica Webb
Judy - Tammy (I) White
Monique's Receptionist - Marcia (I) Wright
Elegant Woman - Francine York
Herself - Cathy Lee Crosby
Judge #2 - Eloise DeJoria
Judge #4 - Sascha Ferguson
Candy - Frances (I) Fisher
Judge #5 - Millie Gervasi
Gretle Dickens - Sara (I) Gilbert
Beauty Shop Girl - Heather Halley
Hotel Receptionist - Evelyn Iocolano
Himself - Caitlyn Jenner
Gareth Trundle - Kevin (I) Allen
Himself - David Hasselhoff
Bob Flaps - Kyle Kraska
BBC Interviewer - Chris Langham
Bear Suit Person - Loren Lazerine
Eamonn - Donal Logue
Police Officer - Robert (I) Maffia
Johnny Darjerling - Ted McGinley
Dunston Cactus - Larry (I) Miller
Sen. Warren Crockett - Charles Napier
Himself - Host - Jeremy (I) Parsons
Skateboard Kid - Justin (I) Pierce
Chicken Suit Person - Steven M. Porter
Stig - David Rasche
TV Anchor - Sam (I) Rubin
Constance - Robert (III) Sherman
Mr. Patel - Padam Singh
Party Guest - Joe Sperandeo
Tony Bolero - Jay (I) Thomas
Dick Miyake - Koji (I) Toyoda
French Reporter - Marie Turcotte
Dave London - Lawrence (II) Young
Angry Hedge Man - Bobby Bluebell
Ronnie the 'Beefeater' - Sergio Brie
Frank Wad - Ricky Callan
Himself - Drew (I) Carey
Clarence - Michael Paul Chan
Cop Driver - Norm Compton
John Paul Mitchell - John Paul DeJoria
Himself - Jos� Eber
Crawford Mackenzie - Craig (I) Ferguson
Bunny Suit Person - Robert (VII) Fisher
TV Reporter - William (II) Fisher
Judge #3 - Giuseppe (I) Franco

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