What are the characters in The Blue Veil movie

The characters in The Blue Veil movie are
Mrs. Lipscott - Lillian Albertson
Nurse - Hazel Keener
Actress - Roberta (I) Lee
Gussie - Edith Leslie
Denis' Wife - Jane Liddell
Mrs. Tappan - Muriel Maddox
Customer - Mira McKinney
Sarah - Anne (I) Moore
Mrs. Palfrey - Agnes Moorehead
Jane Palfrey - Karen Norris
Sue's Mother - Ruth Packard
Mrs. Chalmers - Kathryn (I) Sheldon
Ms. Quimby - Sylvia (II) Syms
Helen Williams - Audrey Totter
Head Nurse - Genevieve Bell
Minor Role - Jeanne Blackford
Annie Rawlins - Joan Blondell
Alicia - Vivian Vance
Adult Stephanie - Irene (I) Vernon
Stephanie Rawlins - Natalie (I) Wood
Louise Mason - Jane Wyman
Sue - Allison Daniell
Ms. Dunlop - Jo (I) Gilbert
Elsa - Lisa Golm
Ms. Golub - Joy Hallward
LouLou's Baby - Kristine (II) Harmon
Phyllis - Patricia Joiner
Jim Tappan - James (I) Anderson
Bill Parker - Warner Anderson
Fred Begley Jr. as a Baby - Charles (V) Anthony
Doctor - Frank Gerstle
Joplin's Agent - James (I) Griffith
LouLou's Baby - Kenneth Harmon
Tommy - Jimmy (I) Hawkins
Boy in Shop - Jimmy (I) Hunt
Robert Palfrey as a Boy - Gary (I) Jackson
Fred K. Begley - Charles Laughton
Harrison Palfrey - Gregory (I) Marshall
Archbishop - Lewis (I) Martin
Fred Begley Jr. as a Baby - Patrick Michael McDonald
Photographer - Torben Meyer
Charles Hall - Harry (I) Morgan
Prof. George Carter - Alan Napier
Fred Begley, Jr. - Robert (I) Nichols
Denis - Richard (II) Norris
Train Conductor - Frank (I) O'Connor
Hugh Williams - Dan O'Herlihy
Tony - Dee Pollock
Detective - Richard (I) Reeves
Doctor - John (I) Ridgely
Pelt - Dan (I) Seymour
Cabbie - Sammy Shack
Guard - Miles Shepard
District Attorney - Everett Sloane
Traffic Cop - Harry Strang
Dr. Robert Palfrey - Don (I) Taylor
Joplin - Les Tremayne
Detective - Mack (I) Williams
Henry Palfrey - Carleton G. Young
Gerald Kean - Richard (I) Carlson
Cousin - Jack Chefe
Frank Hutchins - Cyril Cusack

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