What are the characters in The Death of Klinghoffer movie

The characters in The Death of Klinghoffer movie are
Miriam, American Hostage - Juliette Kaplan
Grieving Relative - Della McCrae
Stella, British Hostage - Rebecca (II) Palmer
Hannah - Joyce Springer
Swiss Grandmother - Vivian (I) Tierney
Betsy, American Hostage - Rachel (I) Bell
Omar - Susan Bickley
British Dancing Girl - Kirsten Blaise
Helen, British Hostage - Syan Blake
Austrian Woman - Nuala Willis
Lorraine, British Hostage - Lara Clifton
Mother - Lin Clifton
Young Hannah - Julie (I) Cox
Fatima - Houda Echouafni
Lisa-Marie, American Hostage - Kelli Hollis
Marilyn Klinghoffer - Yvonne Howard
Steve, British Hostage - Tony (II) Kirkland
Middle Eastern Expert - Andy (I) Lucas
Captain - Christopher Maltman
Omar - Emil Marwa
Rambo - Leigh (I) Melrose
Young Benjamin - Alec (III) Newman
Bernie, American Hostage - Peter (I) Banks
Jim, British Hostage - Neil (I) Bell
Didi - Alexander Popplewell
Ismael - T.J. Ramini
Molqui - Tom Randle
First Officer - Dean (I) Robinson
Klinghoffer - Sanford Sylvan
Mamoud - Kamel Boutros
Ben, Israeli Hostage - Ray Charleson
Bob, American Hostage - Dylan Fielding

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