What are the characters in The Deceiver movie

The characters in The Deceiver movie are
Party Guest - Xynne Jordan
Party Guest - Jenna McNair
Mrs. Lawton - Natalie Moorhead
Party Guest - Maria (II) Nicholas
Shannon - Lisa O'Neal
Maria - Rachel (I) Park
Heather - Heather Sconyers
Ina Fontanne - Dorothy Sebastian
Bridgeen - Fay Tincher
Party Guest - Nika Blue
Celia Adams - Greta Granstedt
Linda - Lisa Hagood
Party Guest - Kanina Johnson
Eric - R. Keith Adams
Party Guest - Jack (III) Anthony
Payne - Al Ernest Garcia
Party Guest - Clint Genett
Thomas - Frank (I) Holliday
Tony Hill - Lloyd (I) Hughes
Inspector Dunn - DeWitt (I) Jennings
Sam - Florian Kashani
Party Guest - Ryan Keiffner
Reginald Thorpe - Ian (I) Keith
Breckinridge - Murray Kinnell
Justin - Mike (I) Lynn
Party Guest - Marc Mancuso
Party Guest - Phoenix (I) Orion
Ryan - Danny Sconyers
Paul - Eric Sustin
Mr. Lawton - Richard (I) Tucker
Party Guest - Alex Vago
Richard Thorpe as a corpse - John (I) Wayne
Party Guest - Germaine (I) Williams
Barney - Sidney Bracey
Simon Jenks - Tod Browning
Speedy - George Byron
Dr. Schulz - Colin (I) Campbell
Nat Phillips - Harvey Clark
Stage manager - Nick Copeland
Clancy - Edward Dillon
Party Guest - William B. Flores
Guy Floating In Pool - Kevin (VI) Freeman

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