What are the characters in The Dentist movie

The characters in The Dentist movie are
Mary - Dentist's Daughter - Marjorie Kane
Sarah - Virginya (I) Keehne
The Real Estate Man's Wife - Fanny Kelly
The Mouthy Twin - Margaret Lute
Maria - Aixa Maldonado
Gloria - Janet (IV) Martin
Azure Kitten - Kayla McDonald
The Dentist's Wife - Charlotte Mineau
Young Female - Betsy Monroe
Cheryl Wilson - Allison Mosier
The Real Estate Man's Secretary - Marie Prevost
The Cougress - Heather (III) Ramsey
Greta - Laura (I) Rees
The Cougress - Heather (III) Ramsey
Greta - Laura (I) Rees
The Blue Mohawk - Lynda Santa
April Reign - Christa (I) Sauls
Martha - Anne Shepherd
Power Girl - Agata Stasiak
Old Lady - Emma Tansey
Opera Singer - Diana Tash
Karen - Patty Toy
Madame Shadow - Robbie (II) Barnes
The Assistant - Martha (III) Barnett
Mrs. Saunders - Joanne (I) Baron
Pepper the Cat - Pepper the Cat
Miss Mason - Patient - Elise Cavanna
Paula Roberts - Lise Colleen Simms
The Queen Bee - Mary Faktor
Dental Assistant - Zedna Farley
Miss Peppitone - Patient - Dorothy Granger
Jessica - Molly Hagan
Minor Role - Phyllis Haver
Minor Role - Thelma Hill
Candy - Jan Hoag
Brooke Feinstone - Linda (I) Hoffman
Student #2 - Shanna Igoe
Jay - Jim (VII) Armstrong
Dale Barnes - Nicholas M. Garofolo
Arthur the Iceman - Arnold Gray
Benford's Golf Partner - George (I) Gray
Dentist's 2nd (Tough) Brother-in-Law - Eddie Gribbon
Minor Role - Harry Gribbon
Student #1 - Michael (I) Guerin
The Iron Hammer - B.J. Halsall
The Bartender - Chris Haralampous
Patient in Waiting Room - Barney Hellum
Sour Jay - Peter Hodgins
Shadowy Man - Carey Hollinger
Charley Frobisher - Bud Jamison
Minor Role - Patrick (V) Kelly
The Slinger - Rob Kovacs
Mr. Schaeffer - Christopher Kriesa
Pesky Neighbor - Benjamin Liar
The Dentist's 2nd (Fat) Patient - Hughie Mack
Little Johnny - Mylo (I) McDonald
Jody - Brian (II) McLaughlin
The Dentist - Doug (III) McLaughlin
Vince - Tyler McMaster
The Dentist - Kevin (I) McNally
The Nube (The Fungus) - Josh (XXIV) Miller
The Dentist - Charles (I) Murray
Bar Patron - Justin (III) Beattie
The Dentist's 1st Patient - Joseph Belmont
Mr. Benford - Man Hit by a Golf Ball - Joseph Belmont
Detective Sunshine - Tony Noakes
Stretch McGovern - AJ Novak
Dentist's 1st (Tough) Brother-in-Law - Kalla Pasha
Benford's Tough Son - Pete Rasch
Nervous Patient - Michael E. Rodgers
Steve Landers - Mark Ruffalo
All Rights Reserved by - Mack Sennett
The Silent - Mike Sheehe
Commissioner Garrett - Russ (V) Smith
Matt - Michael Stadvec
Dr. Jerel - Dave (I) Sweeney
Minor Role - Ben Turpin
Captain Fantastic - George Tutie
Matthew Zeigler - Sal Viscuso
Chris Stevens - LeJon (I) Woods
Attendant - Brian Yuzna
Dr. Alan Feinstone - Corbin Bernsen
Mr. Foliage - Bearded Patient - Billy Bletcher
Marvin Goldblum - Earl Boen
Benford's Caddy - Joe Bordeaux
Joe - Harry Bowen
Dentist's 3rd (Bashful) Brother-in-Law - Al (I) Cooke
The Knife Twin - Quentin (IV) Davis
Dave Kitten - Carl Drotleff
Dentist's Caddy - Bobby (I) Dunn
The Dentist's 3rd (Bearded) Patient - Frank Earle
Dreyfus Weener - John Elmes
Dentist - W.C. Fields
The Real Estate Man - James (I) Finlayson
Detective Gibbs - Ken Foree

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