What are the characters in The Doctor and the Girl movie

The characters in The Doctor and the Girl movie are
Mother of Boy with Diphtheria - Mimi Aguglia
Patient - Jessie Arnold
Nurse - Hazel Keener
Evelyn 'Taffy' Heldon - Janet Leigh
Patient - Esther Michelson
Mexican Patient - Carlotta Monti
Supervisor - Virginia Mullen
Martha, Receptionist - Ottola Nesmith
Miss Newton - Sarah Padden
Mariette Esmond - Nancy Reagan
Mariette Esmond - Nancy Reagan
Nurse - Lisl Valetti
Mrs. Crisani, Tony's Mother - Renata Vanni
Dying Patient - Bess Wade
Nurse - Cecil Weston
Nurse - Gail Bonney
Nurse - June Booth
Sexy Girl - Mildred Boyd
Miss Rourke - Angela (I) Clarke
Nurse - Lucille Curtis
Child's mother - Joanne De Bergh
Fabienne Corday - Gloria DeHaven
Nurse - Kay Deslys
Mrs. Vlacsek - Jody (I) Gilbert
Hetty - Lisa Golm
Society Matron - Marion Gray
Boy - Fernando (I) Alvarado
Dr. George Esmond - Warner Anderson
Dr. Granville - Alex Gerry
Patient with Newspaper - Bernard Gorcey
Dying Patient - Toby (I) Green
Patient - Ben (I) Hall
Patient - Alvin Hammer
Shelby, Intern - Clark Howat
Patient - Paul Kreibich
Tony Crisanti - James (I) Lombardo
Bowery Bum at Bellevue - Frank (I) Mills
Patient - Garry (I) Owen
X-Ray Technician - Steve (I) Pendleton
Counterman - Edwin Rochelle
Boy - Peter (I) Roman
Simon Cohen - Edward (I) Rose
Dr. Francis I. Garard - Basil Ruysdael
Ambulance Driver - Bernard Sell
Mr. Crisani, Tony's Father - Mario (I) Siletti
Chauffeur - Irving (I) Smith
Shelby - Larry (I) Thompson
Surgeon at Bellevue - Kenneth Tobey
Mr. Cohen - Sid Tomack
Mr. Rourke - William Vedder
Anesthetist - Harlan Warde
Patient - Ben Welden
House Surgeon - Frank Wilcox
Intern - Wilson Wood
Dr. Alfred Norton - Bruce (I) Bennett
Father - David (I) Bond
Man in Clinic - Spencer (I) Chan
Dr. John Corday - Charles (I) Coburn
Policeman - Tom (I) Dillon
Boy - Bobby Dominguez
Mexican Patient - Joe (I) Dominguez
Assistant Resident - Edward (I) Emerson
Dr. Michael Corday - Glenn (I) Ford
Dr. Harvey L. Kenmore - Arthur (I) Franz

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