What are the characters in The Domino Principle movie

The characters in The Domino Principle movie are
Travel Woman - Patricia (I) Luke
Gaddis - Neva Patterson
Mrs. Schnaible - Majel Barrett
Ellie Tucker - Candice Bergen
Ruby - Claire Brennen
Ross Pine - a member of the organization - Edward Albert
Narrator - Patrick (I) Allen
Lenny - James W. Gavin
Schnaible - Ted Gehring
Roy Tucker - Gene Hackman
Brookshire - Bob (I) Herron
Harley - Charles (I) Horvath
Truck Driver - John Hudkins
Lefty - Robert Karnes
Nebraska - Wayne King Sr.
Murdock - Denver Mattson
Cab Driver - George Memmoli
Newscaster on TV in Hotel Room - Bill (II) Baldwin
Newscaster on TV in Club - Art Balinger
Captain Ruiz - Jay Novello
Bowkemp - Joseph V. Perry
Spiventa - Mickey (I) Rooney
Assassination Victim - George Sawaya
Ditcher - Ken Swofford
General Reser - Eli Wallach
Tagge - Richard Widmark
Bank Official - Farnesio de Bernal
Henemyer - George (III) Fisher

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