What are the characters in The Dressmaker movie

The characters in The Dressmaker movie are
Factory Girl - Lorraine Ashbourne
Singer - Pamela Austin
Woman in Doorway - Freda Kelly
Mae McSwiney - Genevi�ve Lemon
Beatrix - Rachael (I) Lorenz
Prudence - Hayley Magnus
Party Guest - Jayne Male
Mrs. Manders - Rosemary (I) Martin
Young Molly - Lucy Moir
Nellie - Joan Plowright
Gertrude 'Trudy' Pratt - Sarah Snook
Young Gertrude - Olivia Sprague
Irma Almanac - Julia (I) Blake
Factory Girl - Mandy (I) Walsh
Margo - Billie Whitelaw
Marigold Pettyman - Alison (I) Whyte
Myrtle 'Tilly' Dunnage - Kate Winslet
Nancy Pickett - Amanda Woodhams
Shopwoman - Margi Clarke
Molly Dunnage - Judy (I) Davis
Pianist - Dorothy Dearnley
Secretary - Val Elliott
Beulah Harridiene - Kerry (I) Fox
Muriel Pratt - Rebecca (I) Gibney
Elsbeth - Caroline Goodall
Lois Pickett - Tracy (I) Harvey
Val - Pippa Hinchley
Una Pleasance - Sacha Horler
Rita - Jane Horrocks
Producer - Rita Howard
Party Guest - Mandy Humphrey
Mrs. O'Toole - Marie Jelliman
Kissing Soldier - Richard Gardiner
Barney McSwiney - Gyton Grantley
Mr. Manders - Tony Haygarth
Teddy McSwiney - Liam Hemsworth
Alvin Pratt - Shane Jacobson
Mr. Betts - Al T. Kossy
Party Guest - Bradley Lavelle
William Beaumont - James (V) Mackay
Photographer - Simon Maiden
Butcher's Boy - Andrew Moorcroft
Doctor - Roy (III) Barker
Septimus Crescant - Terry (I) Norris
Percival Almanac - Barry (I) Otto
Mr. Barnes - Bert Parnaby
Jack - Pete Postlethwaite
Stewart Pettyman - Rory Potter
Detective - Gregory (II) Quinn
Wesley - Tim (I) Ransom
Chuck - Michael James Reed
Young Nancy - Grace Rosebirch
Sergeant Farrat - Hugo Weaving
Singer - Gerry (I) White
Reginald Blood - Mark Leonard Winter
Party Guest - Andrew (I) Woodman
Terrence - Anthony (I) Benson
Evan Pettyman - Shane Bourne
Man in Doorway - Terry Canning
Cpl. Zawadski - Sam (I) Douglas

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