What are the characters in The Eagle and the Hawk movie

The characters in The Eagle and the Hawk movie are
The Beautiful Lady - Carole (I) Lombard
Party Guest - Mary (I) MacLaren
Marguertia, Madeline's Maid - Margaret (I) Martin
Party Guest - Ellinor Vanderveer
Fifi aka Fanny - Adrienne D'Ambricourt
Mrs. Madeline Danzeeger - Rhonda Fleming
Lady Erskine - Virginia (I) Hammond
Gen. Liguras (The Hawk) - Thomas (I) Gomez
Henry Crocker - Cary (I) Grant
Hogan - Forrester Harvey
Lt. Kingsford - Leyland Hodgson
Lt. John Stevens - Kenneth Howell
Story-Telling Officer at Party - Olaf Hytten
French General's Aide - Jacques Jou-Jerville
General - Crauford Kent
Jerry H. Young - Fredric March
Roberto the Cobbler - Eduardo (I) Noriega
Flier - Dennis (I) O'Keefe
Whitney Randolph - Dennis (I) O'Keefe
Mike 'Slug' Richards - Jack (I) Oakie
Capt. Todd Croyden - John (I) Payne
Jones - Walter (I) Reed
Texas Gov. Lubbock - Grandon Rhodes
Flier - Ronald R. Rondell
Tommy Erskine - Douglas (I) Scott
Flight Sergeant - Russell (I) Scott
Arnold Voss - Robert Seiter
Taxi Driver - Yorke Sherwood
Maj. Dunham - Guy Standing
Undetermined Role - Frank Tomick
Cockney Soldier - Ted Billings
Flier - Lane Chandler
Basil Danzeeger - Fred (I) Clark
French General - Paul Cremonesi
Red' Hyatt, Danzeegers Foreman - Frank Faylen

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