What are the characters in The Eden Formula movie

The characters in The Eden Formula movie are
Kate Lo - Miranda Kwok
Tanya Lee - Angie Lieuw
Kate - Monica (II) Liu
Connie - Elina Madison
Galgorin's Wife - Patty McCall
Movie Crew P.A. - Nan Rodpotong
Movie Crew P.A. - Nan Rodpotong
Celebrity - Cathy St. George
Rhonda - Dee (II) Wallace
Officer Pattison - Sarah (I) Elbert
Miss Revers - Paula Ficara
Rebecca Winters - Alexandra (II) Ford
Samson Webb - Gregory Abbott Jr.
Rockoff - Daniel (III) Anthony
Chief of Security - Ruffo - Michael Gaglio
Harlon McVicker - Gregory Gast
Maury - Adam (VI) Green
Movie Set A. D. - Whitney V. Hunter
Alley Hood #2 - Daron Jones
Gary Smithers - Jude Lang
Stereo Guy - Justin (I) Levin
Riley - Don (I) Luce
Atkins - Jake Mailey
Jose Roho - Ron (X) Martinez
Bouncer - James (VI) Matthews
Gang Leader - Johnnie Michaels
Street Gang Guy #3 - Baker Montgomery
Movie Set Producer - Bob (I) Myers
Wally - Robert (I) Axelrod
Albert Brown - Bruce (II) Barlow
Lasseter - Mark Bedell
Street Gang Guy #1 - Nick Nicotera
Street Gang Guy #2 - Ryan Nijbi Jr.
Gang Member - Antonio Olivas
Draco - David (VII) Reynolds
Lionel Galgorin - Lenny Rose
Howard - John (VII) Schaeffer
Alley Hood #3 - Sam Specht
James Radcliffe - Tony (I) Todd
Eddie - Stephen Wastell
Charlton - Van (II) Brown
Man at Bus Stop - Gregory Chubbuck
Security Guard - Sajen Corona
Elderly Man - Damien Costa
Security Guard - Juan (I) Escobedo
Dr. Harrison Parker - Jeff Fahey
Alley Hood #1 - Erik (II) Ferman
Gang Member - Rosano Florez

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