What are the characters in The Escapist movie

The characters in The Escapist movie are
Valerie Hopkins - Paloma Baeza
Nurse 1 - Tara (I) Maguire
Desk Clerk - Jennifer Mardis
Carter's Assistant - Claire-Monique (II) Martin
Party Guest #4 - Brittany (V) Mason
Christine - Jodhi May
Boxing Gordon Sister - Brede Mcdermott
Frank's Wife - Bernadette McKenna
Frank's Daughter - Eleanor McLynn
Bookworm - Yossie Mulyadi
Christina Harefield - Lauren (I) O'Neil
Nurse 2 - Rachel O'Riordan
Nathan's Mother - Rose Opengart
Megan Duggard - Samantha (I) Osburn
Student #3 - Ann (IV) Powell
Student #4 - Andrea (III) Roman
Student #4 - Andrea (III) Roman
Student #2 - Maya Sharp
Party Guest #2 - Anjeli Singh
Lea - Julianna Strack
Student Aide - Elizabeth (IV) Baker
Ms. Rigby - Tonisha Blount
Student #1 - Devin Winfield
Party Guest #1 - Kacie Wingate
Party Girl - Beth (I) Woodruff
Leslie Addler - Carla DeFranco
Boxing Gordon Sister - Nicole Gaskell
Prison Guard - Pat Ainscough
John Harris - Thomas Gaines
Sidney Knight - James Groom
Prison Officer 1 - Luke Hayden
Horace Carter - Graham Hoadly
Mike - Stephen (I) Holland
Wing Officer - Simon Imrie
Viv Batista - Seu (I) Jorge
Boyfriend - Brian (VIII) Kane
Trusty - Packy Lee
Policeman 1 - Allen Leech
Change Of Detail Officer - Patrick (I) Leech
Rizza - Damian (I) Lewis
Ron - Gary (III) Lewis
Escort Officer - Alvaro Lucchesi
Tony - Steven Mackintosh
Policeman - Ben (IV) Manning
Nathan Harris - Christopher Marrone
Sam - Vinnie McCabe
Escort Officer 1 - Eoin McCarthy
Reception Officer Prison 1 - Keith McErlean
Frank - Brian (I) McGuinness
Radio Station Executive - Christopher (I) Michael
Denis Hopkins - Jonny Lee Miller
Joey - Philip (I) Barantini
D.I. Simm - Barry (I) Barnes
Spaz - Michael (II) Bates
Guard 1 - Gerry Behan
Victim Support Counsellor - Hugh B. O'Brien
Mary - Domhnall O'Donoghue
Prison Officer - Simon O'Gorman
Senior Officer - David (I) O'Meara
Hedges - Frank O'Sullivan
Young Nathan - Zachary Opengart
Second Con - Michael (I) Parle
First Prison Officer 1 - Martin (I) Phillips
Mills - Robert (I) Price
Screw - Robert (II) Prior
Jones - Lalor Roddy
Officer 1 - Paul Ronan
Boxing Con - Tony (II) Senior
Stan - George Seremba
Ricky Barnes - Andy Serkis
Himself - Bill Shirk
Prosecution Brief - Russell (I) Smith
Prison Officer 1 - Stewart Stafford
Second Prison Gate Officer - Maurice (I) Supple
Robby Santiago - Ralph (VII) Thomas
Guard 2 - Paul (V) Valentine
Prison Tannoy Voice - Paul (I) Vaughan
Rizza's Lackey - Marcel (II) Vidal
Sikes - Jack (VII) Walsh
Senior Officer - Mal Whyte
Vin - Vas Blackwood
Party Guest #3 - Erich (I) Boettcher
Magistrate - Des Braiden
Prison Officer - Paul (II) Burke
Screw - John (I) Campion
Judge - Barry Cassin
Lacey - Dominic Cooper
Frank Perry - Brian (I) Cox
Young Prison Guard - John (I) Crean
Brodie - Liam Cunningham
Cockney Con - Alan Curran
Jumpy Con - Ned Dennehy
Denis' Brief - Richard (I) Dormer
Duty Medical Registrer - Phelim Drew
Doctor - Phelim Drew
Escort Officer 2 - Dave Duffy
Two Ton - Stephen Farrelly
Lenny Drake - Joseph Fiennes
Punishment Call Officer - Patrick FitzSymons
Clerk of the Court - Laurence (I) Foster

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