What are the characters in The Gal Who Took the West movie

The characters in The Gal Who Took the West movie are
Sue - Patricia Alphin
Party Guest - Verna Kornman
Dance Hall Girl - Anne P. Kramer
Party Guest - Peggy Leon
Mrs. Livia Logan - Louise Lorimer
Party Guest - Mildred Sellers
Party Guest - Louise (I) Bates
Lillian Marlowe - Yvonne De Carlo
Nancy - Myrna Dell
Party Guest - Helen (I) Dickson
Party Guest - Ella Ethridge
Dance Hall Girl - June Fulton
Dance Hall Girl - Patricia (I) Hall
O'Hara Cowhand at Opera House - Victor Adamson
Party Guest - Philip Ahn
Young Boy - Patrick (I) Griffin
Lee's Man - William Haade
Bartender - Harlan Hoagland
Party Guest - David S. Horsley
O'Hara Cowhand with GrantDriving Surrey - Jack (I) Ingram
Nervous O'Hara Cowhand at Bar - John (I) James
O'Hara Cowhand in Town with Lee - Ray (I) Jones
Jack - Charles (I) Jordan
O'Hara Cowhand Bringing Grant's Message - Ethan Laidlaw
Colonel Logan - John Litel
Barfly - George (I) Lloyd
O'Hara Cowhand with Lee - Pierce Lyden
O'Hara Cowhand in Town with Lee - Francis (I) McDonald
Sentry - Fraser McMinn
Hawley - James (I) Millican
Party Guest - Roger (II) Moore
Party Guest - Forbes Murray
Potkins - Howard Negley
Paul - William (I) Bailey
Officer at Party - Barry (I) Norton
Man in Saloon - Paul (I) Palmer
Stage Driver - Post Park
Barfly - Jack Perrin
Trooper - House Peters Jr.
Young Man - Jon Riffel
Grant O'Hara - John (I) Russell
Bartender - Robin (I) Short
Bartender (as old Timer) - Russell (I) Simpson
Indian Servant - Charles Soldani
Barfly - George Sowards
Ted - Robert R. Stephenson
Barber - George (I) Stern
Ted (as old Timer) - Houseley Stevenson
Lee Cowhand - Glenn (I) Strange
Croupier in Saloon - Brick Sullivan
Lee Cowhand - William (I) Tannen
Modern-Day Waiter on Club Terrence - Forrest (I) Taylor
Burly O'Hara Cowhand with Grant - Guy Teague
Soldier - Harry Tenbrook
Douglas Andrews - James (I) Todd
Barfly - Jack Tornek
Barfly - Slim Whitaker
Cavalry Corporal - Russ Whiteman
Man in Saloon - Chalky Williams
O'Hara Cowhand with Lee - Henry (I) Wills
Gaunt Barfly - Bill (I) Wolfe
Hawley (as old Timer) - Clem Bevans
Lee O'Hara - Scott (I) Brady
Waiter - Chet Brandenburg
Tailor - Paul Brinegar
Grant's Man - Charles Cane
O'Hara Cowhand - Martin (I) Cichy
Gen. Michael O'Hara - Charles (I) Coburn
Young Man - Steve (I) Crandall
O'Hara Cowhand with Lee - Steve Darrell
Cavalry Captain - William (I) Donnelly
Mr. Nolan - Edward (I) Earle
Cowboy - Ross (I) Elliott
O'Hara Cowhand - Richard (I) Farmer
Barfly - Al (I) Ferguson

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