What are the characters in The Gay Dog movie

The characters in The Gay Dog movie are
Neighbour Across Road - Vi Kaley
Sally Gay - Gillian Lutyens
Barmaid - Marianne Stone
Peggy Gowland - Margaret Barton
Sally Gay - Petula (I) Clark
Minnie Gay - Nuna Davey
Lecturer - Noel Dyson
Mrs. James - Jennifer (I) Gray
Maggie Gay - Megs Jenkins
Maggie Gay - Megs Jenkins
Bert Gay - Harold (II) Goodwin
Spud - Gilbert (I) Harrison
Himself - Pianist - Joe (XIII) Henderson
Bill Gay - Douglas Ives
Rev. Mr. Gowland - David King-Wood
Pub Customer - Jack (IV) May
Leslie Gowland - Brian (I) Nissen
Peter Nightingale - Anthony (I) Oliver
A Betting Man - Jon Pertwee
Jim Gay - Wilfred Pickles
Jim Gay - Wilfred Pickles
Vicar - Cyril (I) Raymond
Leslie Gowland - William (II) Russell
Man In Vets Waiting Room - C. Denier Warren
Peter Nightingale - John (I) Blythe
Another Betting Man - Peter (I) Butterworth

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