What are the characters in The Girl He Left Behind movie

The characters in The Girl He Left Behind movie are
Millie Campbell - Adrienne Kroell
Mrs. Madeline Shaeffer - Jessie Royce Landis
Mrs. O'Kelly - Lillian Leighton
Women's Club Member - Kay (I) Stewart
Women's Club Member - Amzie Strickland
Madeline's Friend - Marjorie Bennett
WAC - June (I) Blair
Lorna - Ernestine Wade
Women's Club Member - Lillian West
Susan Daniels - Natalie (I) Wood
Women's Club Member - Lillian Culver
Doris - Jeanne Ferguson
Annie - Abel's Sweetheart - Vera Hamilton
Mr. Hillaby - Florenz Ames
Young Boy - Ronald Anton
Taxi Driver - Sammy Armaro
Preston - James (I) Garner
Army Recruit - Brett (I) Halsey
Corporal West - Bernie Hamilton
Sgt. Clyde - Murray (I) Hamilton
Arthur Shaeffer - Vinton Hayworth
Minor Role - Chuck (I) Hicks
Recruit - Robert Hover
Recruit - Clyde Hudkins Jr.
Andy L. Shaeffer - Tab (I) Hunter
Capt. Genaro - David (I) Janssen
Lt. Taylor - Les (I) Johnson
Hanson - Henry (I) Jones
Maguire - Alan (I) King
Congressman Hardison - Wilfred Knapp
Major - William McGraw
Mess Sergeant - Sid Melton
Sgt. Storm Cloud - Victor Millan
Harley Abel - the Inventor - William V. Mong
Man at Desk on Dean's Staff - Jack Mower
Sgt. Hanna - Jim Backus
General - Raymond (I) Bailey
Football Game Announcer - Bill (II) Baldwin
Lt. Gen. B.K. Harrison - Leonard Penn
Major - Keith (I) Richards
Soldier - Raoul Robaire
Military Policeman - Paul (I) Smith
Recruit - Walter (III) Smith
2nd Director - William (I) Stowell
Recruit - Fred Stromsoe
Sgt. Sheridan - Fredd Wayne
Recruit - James Westmoreland
Mr. Smith - Edgar G. Wynn
Military Policeman - Nicky (I) Blair
Colonel Thomas Murphy - Robert (I) Brubaker
Narrator - Daws Butler
Observer - John Caler
1st Director - George L. Cox
Young Boy - Robert Crawford Jr.
Army Psychiatrist - Francis De Sales
Diaz - Valentin de Vargas
Mr. Campbell - William (I) Duncan

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