What are the characters in The Girl from Jones Beach movie

The characters in The Girl from Jones Beach movie are
Vickie - Lola Albright
Model - Joi Lansing
Model - Vonne Lester
Party Guest - Kay Mansfield
Ruth Wilson - Virginia (I) Mayo
Emma Shoemaker - Patricia Northrop
Beach Girl - Suzanne Ridgeway
Beach Girl - Suzanne Ridgeway
Hazel - Mary (I) Stuart
Board Member - Henrietta Taylor
Model - Betty Underwood
Board Member - Leah (I) Baird
Miss Emma Shoemaker - Florence Bates
Margot - Nancy (I) Valentine
Model - Joan Vohs
Model - Alice Wallace
Miss Brooks - Helen Westcott
Penelope - Eve Whitney
Mrs. Wilson - Lois (I) Wilson
Specialty Dancer - Grace (I) Young
Model - Carol Brewster
Member of Samba Team - Dolores Castle
Model - Lorraine (I) Crawford
Lorraine Scott - Myrna Dell
Party Guest - Helen (I) Dickson
Connie Martin - Dona Drake
Model - Karen X. Gaylord
Sylvia - Sandra (I) Gould
Party Guest - Grayce Hampton
Member of Samba Team - Glen B. Gallagher
Party Guest - Jack Gargan
Drunk - Eddie Garr
Narrator - Art Gilmore
Italian Man - Gregory Golubeff
Woody Wilson - Gary (I) Gray
Waiter - Creighton Hale
Charlie - Alvin Hammer
Party Guest - Sam (II) Harris
Party Guest - Carey (I) Harrison
Jim Townsend - Paul (I) Harvey
Party Guest - Henry Iblings
Board Member - Anthony Jochim
Subway Passenger - Kenner G. Kemp
Butler - John (I) Marston
Board Member - Philo McCullough
Party Guest - Walter Merrill
Party Guest - Harold (I) Miller
Miss Brooks' Dancing Escort - Ray (I) Montgomery
Board Member - Jack Mower
Stravitch - John Mylong
Party Guest - Raymond (I) Bailey
Photographer - Bobby Barber
Man at Phone Booth - Richard Bartell
Path? Newsreel Narrator - Andr� Baruch
Nightclub Waiter - William H. O'Brien
Party Guest - Broderick O'Farrell
Irishman - Robert A. O'Neil
Man Awaiting Subway - Paul Panzer
Foreigner in Hall - Angi O. Poulos
Bob Randolph - Robert Benerik - Ronald (I) Reagan
Lifeguard - Jeff (I) Richards
Lifeguard - Dale (I) Robertson
Subway Conductor - Buddy Roosevelt
Specialty Dancer - Maurice St. Clair
Judge Bullfinch - Henry (I) Travers
Mac - Billy Wayne
Relaxing Janitor - Guy Wilkerson
Mr. Schwarzholz - William Yetter Sr.
Court Clerk - Oliver Blake
Chuck Donovan - Eddie Bracken
News Vendor - Leonard Bremen
Frenchman - Peter Camlin
Collection Agent - Chester Clute
Mr. Evergood - Lloyd Corrigan
Mr. Graves - Ruth's Attorney - Jerome Cowan
Board Member - Luther Crockett
Subway Bystander/Courtroom Spectator - Sayre Dearing
Man at Stand - Vernon Dent
Italian Man - Antonio Filauri
Mr. Moody - William (I) Forrest

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