What are the characters in The Great Jewel Robber movie

The characters in The Great Jewel Robber movie are
Undetermined Role - Jessie Arnold
Mrs. Workman - Lois Austin
Undetermined Role - Hazel Keener
Vivacious Blonde at Airport - Cleo Moore
Martha Rollins - Marjorie Reynolds
Undetermined Role - Ruth (I) Robinson
Martha Rollins - Marjorie Reynolds
Undetermined Role - Ruth (I) Robinson
Brenda Hall - Alix Talton
Marian Blaine - Claudia Barrett
Maid - Tillie Born
Undetermined Role - Margaret Brayton
Mrs. Creel - Geraldine (I) Carr
Peggy Arthur - Perdita Chandler
Undetermined Role - Cathy Dart
Mrs. Arthur Vinson - Jacqueline deWit
Party Guest - Bess Flowers
Sheilah Graham - Television Commentator - Sheilah (I) Graham
Police Detective Lou Sampter - John (I) Archer
Prisoner in Jail Cell - Ned Glass
Brad Morrow - Bartender - Fred (I) Graham
Official on Train - William E. (I) Green
Hotel Clerk - Creighton Hale
Mr. Bartlett - Party Guest - Sam (II) Harris
Official - Don C. Harvey
Canadian Desk Sergeant - Edward Hearn
Captain of the Guards - Weldon Heyburn
Police Officer - Mike (I) Lally
Det. Carlton - Charles (III) Lang
Guard - Lyle Latell
Reporter - Harry Lauter
Bellboy - Charles (I) Lind
Prison Road Gang Guard - Jack Lomas
Attendant - Parke MacGregor
Party Guest - Wilbur Mack
Mail Clerk - Larry McGrath
Police Officer - Art Miles
Party Guest - Harold (I) Miller
Rogers - John (I) Morgan
Police Officer - Howard Negley
Police Radio Operator - William Newgard
Man in Elevator - Rodney (I) Bell
Reporter - Leslie K. O'Pace
Det. Millford - Kenneth (I) Patterson
Guard - Pat (I) Phelan
Joe, Customs Guard - John (I) Pickard
Officer - Hal Price
Captain - Hugh Prosser
Train Passenger - Tom (I) Quinn
Officer - William Ruhl
Chief Benson - Bigelow Sayre
Tony Englebar - Party Guest - Larry Steers
Train Conductor - Clarence Straight
Police Officer - Harry Strang
Police Officer - Sailor Vincent
Joseph Blaine - Duke Watson
Clausen - Jeweller - Bill (I) Welsh
Police Captain Ryan - Robert (I) Williams
Convict - Tom (I) Wilson
Gerard Graham Dennis - David (I) Brian
Mr. Tom Creel - Charles Cane
Stanley Church (Mayor of New Rochelle) - Stanley Church
Guard - Russ (I) Clark
Haley - Leo Cleary
Tom Colt - Convict - Fred Coby
Undetermined Role - Roger (I) Cole
Policeman - Tom (I) Coleman
Guard Sergeant - Garrett (I) Craig
Party Guest - Paul (I) Cristo
Commentator - Harry Crocker
Sgt. Tarrant - Herschel Daugherty
Det. Altman - Warren (I) Douglas
Train Waiter - Joel Fluellen
Radio Announcer - Don Forbes
Art, Customs Guard - Art Foster

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