What are the characters in The Hunt for Gollum movie

The characters in The Hunt for Gollum movie are
Background Orc - Melanie Mahabir
Orc - Samantha Parry
Arwen - Rita Ramnani
Arwen - Rita Ramnani
Angry Villager - Lisa Rost-Welling
Background Orc - Gladys San Juan
Orc - Tina (I) Barnes
Background Orc - Carli Vallance
Ringwraith - Emma (II) Hunt
Arithir - Arin Alldridge
Orc 1 - David (XVIII) Kennedy
Disgruntled Orc/Orc - Joshua (I) Kennedy
Background Orc - Brian (III) Lavery
Ringwraith - Ross Morrisson
Gandalf - Patrick (XVI) O'Connor
Gollum - Jason Perino
Gollum in the sack - Fransesco San Juan
Dagbash/Orc - Dan (I) Styles
Background Orc - Daniel Tyler-Smith
Aragorn - Adrian (III) Webster
Orc - Ivan Wilkinson
Orc - Will (I) Boyd
Mirkwood Elf - Max Bracey
Gollum (voice)/Goblok - Gareth Brough
Orc - Ronan (II) Carr
Gollum (body) - Matthew (I) Cunningham
Gollum - Christopher Dingli
Inn Reveller - Greg Draven
Background Orc - Spencer Duru

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