What are the characters in The Jolly Jilter movie

The characters in The Jolly Jilter movie are
Maid - Irene Allen
Chorine - Mary Mayberry
Minor Role - Muriel Montrose
Alma's Maid - Ruth (I) Taylor
Alma - Alma (I) Bennett
Woman at Stage Door - Louise Carver
Mrs. Murdock - Myrtle's Mother - Sunshine Hart
Minor Role - Thelma Hill
Myrtle Murdock - Madeline Hurlock
Minor Role - Mary Ann Jackson
Theatre Patron - Billy (I) Armstrong
Short Servant - Billy (III) Gilbert
Sergeant - William (I) McCall
Officer - Roger (II) Moore
Virgil's Business Secretary - Dave (I) Morris
Tall Servant - Irving Bacon
Hairdresser - Bud Ross
Groomer - Leo Sulky
Virgil Vancourt - Ben Turpin
Stage Manager - Stanley Blystone
Minor Role - Andy (I) Clyde

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