What are the characters in The Lobster movie

The characters in The Lobster movie are
Donkey Shooter - Jacqueline Abrahams
Police Officer 1 - Kathy (X) Kelly
Lisping Loner Woman - Se�na Kerslake
The Maid - Ariane Labed
Waitress - Heidi Ellen Love
Arrested town woman - Sandra Hayden Mason
Girl child - Laoise Murphy
Nosebleed Woman's Best Friend - EmmaEdel O'Shea
Receptionist - Nancy Onu
Heartless Woman - Angeliki Papoulia
Loner leader's mother - Imelda Nagle Ryan
Loner Leader - L�a Seydoux
Nosebleed Woman - Jessica Barden
Short Sighted Woman - Rachel Weisz
Hotel Manager - Olivia Colman
David's wife - Rosanna Hoult
Biscuit Woman - Ashley (I) Jensen
Waiter - Degnan Geraghty
Restaurant Waiter - Robert (II) Heaney
Vicky - Vicky Kallipoulos
Trainer Waiter - Shooting Range - Ewen MacIntosh
Campari man - Patrick (XXII) Malone
Police Officer 2 - Kevin (III) McCormack
Waiter - Mark (III) McCormack
Lobster - Sophia Mitrolakis
Bandaged loner - Ishmael Moalosi
30 Year Old Waiter - Anthony Moriarty
Hotel Manager's Husband - Garry Mountaine
Hotel manager's partner - Garry Mountaine
Guest room 104 - Judi King Murphy
Doctor - Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Trapped loner - Matthew (XIII) O'Brien
Lisping Man - John C. (I) Reilly
Hotel Guest - Stephen (III) Ryan
Loner Swimmer - Michael Smiley
Coach driver waiter - Chris Threader
The Limping Man - Ben Whishaw
Achilles - Phillip Xatzis
Piano player - Cian Boylan
70 Year Old Waiter - Anthony Dougall
Guard Waiter - Sean (V) Duggan
David - Colin (I) Farrell
Loner Leader's Father - Roland Ferrandi
Bald Man - James (II) Finnegan

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