What are the characters in The Man with a Cloak movie

The characters in The Man with a Cloak movie are
Party Guest - Tiny Jones
Party Chorus Dancer - Janet Lavis
Party Chorus Dancer - Melba Snowden
Lorna Bounty - Barbara Stanwyck
Emma Flynn - Margaret Wycherly
Trick-or-Treater - Lynette Bryant
Madeline Minot - Leslie Caron
Party Chorus Dancer - Carmen Clifford
Angry Woman - Helen Eby-Rock
Party Chorus Dancer - Miriam Hendry
Party Chorus Dancer - Charlotte (I) Hunter
Mrs. Inness, Landlady - Jean Inness
Minor Role - James (I) Gonzalez
Quartet Member - A. Cameron Grant
Durand - Richard (II) Hale
Party Juggler - Duke (I) Johnson
Dr. Roland - Nicholas (I) Joy
Trick-or-Treater - Rudy (I) Lee
Waiter - Mitchell (I) Lewis
Quartet Member - James (XIII) Logan
Flaherty - Jim Backus
Pharmacist - Francis Pierlot
Policeman - Roy (I) Roberts
Party Guest - Phil Schumacher
Quartet Member - Charles (I) Watts
Trick-or-Treater - Robin Winans
First Carriage Driver - Hank Worden
Charles Francois Thevenet - Louis Calhern
Party Guest - Steve (I) Carruthers
Dupin - Joseph (I) Cotten
Villon - Jimmy the Crow
Joseph Martin - Joe De Santis
Quartet Member - Phil (I) Dunham
Specialty Dancer - Ernie Flatt
Robert, Durand's Aide - Dan (I) Foster

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