What are the characters in The Mephisto Waltz movie

The characters in The Mephisto Waltz movie are
Party Guest - Marta Kristen
Agency Chief's Girlfriend - Janee Michelle
Roxanne Delancey - Barbara Parkins
Nurse - Anabel Shaw
Paula Clarkson - Jacqueline Bisset
Maggie West - Kathleen Widdoes
Member of Ely's Group - Antoinette Bower
Woman Writer - Lilyan Chauvin
Abby Clarkson - Pamelyn Ferdin
Myles Clarkson - Alan Alda
Flower Shop Clerk - Pitt Herbert
Duncan Mowbray Ely - Curd J�rgens
Raymont - Berry Kroeger
Agency Chief - Curt (I) Lowens
Bennett - Alberto (I) Morin
Conductor - Gregory (I) Morton
Party Guest - Jeffrey Sayre
Richard - Terrence (II) Scammell
Robin - Tim (XXXIV)
Dr. Roger West - William Windom
Party Guest - Walter Brooke
Detective Investigating Bill's Death - Frank (I) Campanella
Pallbearer - Harry (II) Carter
Zanc Theun - Khigh Dhiegh
Bill Delancey - Bradford Dillman

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