What are the characters in The New 22 movie

The characters in The New 22 movie are
Nightclub Dancer - Joelle Koissi
Instructor - Inez Mackenzie
Waitress - Hanne Matheson
Lisa - Charlotte (VII) Reid
Lisa - Charlotte (VII) Reid
Rachael - Abigail Rosser
Maddie - Angela Franklyn
Nightclub Dancer - Francesca Fraser
Etienne's daughter - Sophie Garrick
Erin - Elizabeth (VI) Griffin
Adam - Parys Jordon
Etienne - Kristof Kane
Jamie's Dad - Andrew Loudon
Phil - Alan Mirren
Jamie - Patrick Neyman
Crying woman - Ellen Verenieks
Barman - Paul Bullion
Drunk businessman - Robert (V) Dawson
Matt - Alexander Elwood

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