What are the characters in The Nice Guys movie

The characters in The Nice Guys movie are
Gala Woman - Kati Akins
News Anchor - Tammi Arender
Sherrie - Adriana Karras
Die-In Protester - Zarah Kulczycki
Cocktail Waitress-Hotel Rooftop - Brett Larkins
Bobby's Mom - Hayley H. Long
Hippy Girl - Anna (II) McNiven
Cocktail Waitress - Carson Meyer
Gala Heiress - Amahre Palmer
Protester - Tamara Philbrick
Amelia - Margaret Qualley
Holly - Angourie Rice
Medic - Michelle (VI) Rivera
Amelia - Margaret Qualley
Holly - Angourie Rice
Medic - Michelle (VI) Rivera
The Old Lady - Rebecca (II) Rusk
Hana - Yuka Sano
Upscale Driver - Patti Schellhaas
Pornstar - Carla Shinall
June Miller - Joanne (II) Spracklen
Party Guest - Juanita J.P. Taylor
Misty Mountains - Murielle Telio
Cashier - Holly Traister
Die-In Protester - Lauren (I) Bair
Spoon Girl - Kimberly Battista
Red Thompson - Yvonne Zima
Young Beauty - Cayla Brady
The Emotions - Summer Cain
Janet - Maddie Compton
Black Tie Gala Guest - Sallie Cowan
Tube top chick - Rachel (II) Faulkner
The Nun - Amy Goddard
Amazon - Chloe Hurst
Blonde - Lexi (I) Johnson
Orderly/Witness - Brian (III) Gonzalez
Holland March - Ryan Gosling
Elderly Man - Charles (IV) Green
Dork - Joshua (I) Hoover
Gas Station Truck Driver - Daniel D. Houy
Bowler #1 - Pedro Hoyos
Remy - Matthew William Jones
Chet - Jack Kilmer
Denny's psyco - Mark Kubr
Deputy Couey - Scott Ledbetter
Stand Up Comic - Greg (I) Lindsay
Japanese Car Executive - Wing Liu
Car Show Attendee - Dana Clark McPherson
Bar Patron - Roger (III) Neal
Cheesy Guy - Dominic Bagarozzi
Grande Vista Bartender - Michael (I) Beasley
Phillip Bailey - Christian (II) Noble
Penthouse Party Patron - M.V. Oliphant
Japanese Auto Executive - Chris Pak
Mansion party patron - Paul Michael Pouler
Die-In Protester - Ryan (III) Powers
Maintenance Man - Hank Quillen
The Village People Chief - Jared M. Reeder
Muscle Car Driver - Dale Ritchey
Die-In Protestor - Ward Roberts
Iron Horse Bartender - Terence (I) Rosemore
Valet - Marvin (IV) Ross
Earth, Wind, and Fire - Nathaniel "Nate" Scott
Bar Patron - Blake Sewell
Guy on Motorcycle - Cameron Simmons
Bobby - Ty Simpkins
Taxi Cab Driver - Steven A.D. Taylor
Protester - JC Tremblay
Sid's Bartender - Matthew Warzel
Pornocchio - Milo Wesley
Perry the Lawyer - Steve (I) Wilder
Joe - Gary (I) Wolf
Sid's Valet - Ian (V) Bloom
Cab Driver - Morgan (V) Brown
Porn star party guest - Saundra Coller
Paramedic - John (IV) Crosby
Jackson Healy - Russell Crowe
Older Guy - Keith (I) David
Spit Take Patron - Hal Dion
Pirate Captain - Sacha A. Dzuba
Porn Director - Frank Ferruccio

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