What are the characters in The Pale Horse movie

The characters in The Pale Horse movie are
Kate Mercer - Jayne Ashbourne
Mrs. Coppins - Johanna Kirby
Sybil Stamfordis - Ruth Madoc
Thyrza Grey - Jean Marsh
Hermia Redcliffe - Hermione Norris
Eileen Brandon - Wendy Nottingham
Tilly Tuckerton - Anna Livia Ryan
Bella - Maggie Shevlin
Jessie Davis - Tricia Thorns
Third Witch from Macbeth - Louise (II) Green
Poppy Tuckerton - Catherine Holman
Florence Tuckerton - Louise Jameson
Tate - Martin (I) Kennedy
Dr. Wylie - Martin Milman
Father Gorman - Geoffrey Beevers
Donald - Richard (I) O'Callaghan
Desk Sergeant - Martin Oldfield
Lincoln Bradley - Leslie (I) Phillips
Dr. Osbourne - Tim (II) Potter
Sergeant - Tony Red Richards
Sergeant Corrigan - Andy Serkis
Ned Thackeray - Steve (II) Weston
Doctor - Sam (I) Bond
Mark Easterbrook - Colin (I) Buchanan
Inspector Lejeune - Trevor Byfield
Venables - Michael (I) Byrne
Barman - Kieran (I) Cunningham
Ricky Flood - Brett Fancy

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