What are the characters in The Paradox Suitcase movie

The characters in The Paradox Suitcase movie are
Party Guest - Ann (VIII) Anderson
Party Guest - Elizabeth (XXX) Jones
Party Guest - Caitlin Shirey
Party Guest - Avri Bartolozzi
Party Guest - Jada Bartolozzi
Party Guest - Michelle Bartolozzi
Party Guest - Danielle (IV) Bennett
Party Guest - Maria (VII) Vargas
Party Guest - Farzana Virani
Party Guest - Joy Glover Walters
Party Guest - Julia Walters
Julie Brown - Julie Zipperer
Party Guest - Alexa BoVair
Party Guest - Meme Etheridge
Iris The Robot - Rebecca Etheridge
Party Guest - Karen (VI) Gonzalez
Party Guest - Karina (III) Gonzalez
Jules Brown - Glenn (III) Allen
Young Liam Oakley-Brown - Mark (I) Knapp
Strange Man - Neil (I) Ramsay
Party Guest - Zach Shirey
Liam Oakley-Brown - Alpha Trivette
Party Guest - Jeff (IV) Vaughn
Young Jules Brown - Jackson Walters
Party Guest - Jay (I) Walters
Party Guest - John Wesley Walters
Party Guest - Lisa Franklin Wall

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