What are the characters in The Perfect Host movie

The characters in The Perfect Host movie are
Claire - Beatriz (II) Adriana
Thief - Brooke (I) Anderson
Party Guest - Jessie (III) Lewis
Party Guest - Maple Navarro
Girl at Party - Amanda (I) Payton
Simone De Marchi - Megahn Perry
Cathy Knight - Helen Reddy
Cathy Knight - Helen Reddy
Amy - Toryn Seabrook
Party Guest - Joanna Theobalds
Female Radio Broadcaster - Daisy Torm�
Party Guest - Lynda Valliche
Party Guest - Hayden Victor
Party Guest - Nurse Wagg
Party Guest - Dishanya Weerasinha
Monica - Indira G. Wilson
TV Newscaster - Tracy (I) Britton
Chelsea - Annie Campbell
Party Guest - Daisy Castro
Party Guest - Hannah Cosgrove
Party Guest - Monya De
Car Rental Worker - Cheryl Francis Harrington
Party Guest - Eden Heigel
Party Guest - Jamila Jackson
Party Guest - Adam Absinthe
Male Radio Broadcaster - Ivan (I) Allen
Roman - Tyrees Allen
Marcus - Donovan Sinclair Gavin
Warwick Wilson - David Hyde Pierce
Party Guest - Scott (I) Manson
Party Guest - James McAuley
Rupert - Cooper Barnes
Det. Morton - Nathaniel Parker
Party Guest - Cal Rein
Guard - Rayford Sewell
Party Guest - Jason Tokoro
Party Guest - Bret Victor
Party Guest - Tim Wagg
Det. Valdez - Joseph (I) Will
Party Guest - Allan (III) Yates
Brian - Adam (I) Bloch
Man in Polaroid - Greg (VIII) Brown
Storekeeper - George Cheung
John Taylor - Clayne Crawford
Party Guest - Timothy (I) Edmond
Punk on Car - Mike (I) Foy

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