What are the characters in The Perfect Marriage movie

The characters in The Perfect Marriage movie are
Cristina - Arlin Alcala
Monica - Elizabeth Aragon
Kendra - Sabine Karsenti
Linda - Helena Lane
Carrie Hollings - Lisa Langlois
Party Guest - Kathy (I) Logan
Marianne Danforth/Annie Grayson - Jamie Luner
Rosa - Zasu Pitts
Maggie Williams - Loretta (I) Young
Barbara - Lydia Zazueta
Corinne Williams - Nana Bryant
Dolores - Kathy Chavez
Lola - Carol Coombs
Julie Camberwell - Catherine (I) Craig
Secretary - Ann Doran
Gloria - Virginia (I) Field
Dolly Haggerty - Luella Gear
Tia Montgomery - Sophie Gendron
Carolina - Crystal Gonzales
Jennifer Tames - Allison (III) Graham
Cookie Williams - Nona Griffith
Wife - Jill (I) Jacobson
Mabel Manning - Rita (I) Johnson
Gil Cummins - Eddie (I) Albert
Lounge Patron - Claude Huard
Dave - Lonnie (II) Lane
Bulaski - Lyle Latell
Stefan - Michael (VIII) Mancini
Richard Danforth - William R. Moses
Horse Ring Attendant - Walter (I) Baldwin
Dale Williams - David (I) Niven
Martin Grayson - James (I) O'Regan
Waiter Captain - Georges Renavent
Waiter - Albin Robeling
Dale Williams, Sr. - Charles Ruggles
Businessman - Les Vandor
Jack Camberwell - John Vosper
Jeremy Hollings - Brett (I) Watson
Yoga Instructor - Josh (I) Watson
Police Officer - Jon Welch
Brent Richter - James (I) Wilder
Greg - Dave Binkley
Howard - James (I) Bradford
Addison Manning - Jerome Cowan
Donald Danforth - Lawrence Dane
Doctor - Boyd Davis
Bartender - Todd Duckworth
Gentleman - Frank (I) Ferguson
Party Guest - Paul Finnigan
Peter Haggerty - Howard (I) Freeman

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