What are the characters in The Philadelphia Story movie

The characters in The Philadelphia Story movie are
Margaret Lord - Mary Astor
Tracy Lord - Diana Lynn
Main Line Society Woman - Florine McKinney
Margaret Lord - Mary (I) Nash
Librarian - Hilda Plowright
Liz Imbrie - Ruth Roman
Liz Imbrie - Ruth Roman
Main Line Society Woman - Mildred Shay
Dinah Lord - Virginia Weidler
Main Line Society Woman - Helene (I) Whitney
Main Line Society Woman - Hillary Brooke
Elsie - Veda Buckland
Manicurist - Lita Chevret
Main Line Society Woman - Dorothy Fay
Tracy Lord - Katharine Hepburn
Elizabeth Imbrie - Ruth Hussey
Dinah Lord - Gaye Huston
C. K. Dexter Haven - Cary (I) Grant
Seth Lord - John (I) Halliday
George Kittredge - John (I) Howard
Sidney Kidd - Leon Janney
Uncle Willie's Butler - Claude (I) King
Extra as Wedding Guest - Eric Mayne
Extra as Wedding Guest - King (I) Baggot
Edward - Lionel Pape
Bartender - Lee (I) Phelps
Mike Connor - Christopher (I) Plummer
Edward - Emory Richardson
Macaulay Connor - James (I) Stewart
Butler - Joseph (I) Sweeney
Seth Lord - Alan Webb
C.K. Dexter Haven - Gig Young
Uncle Willie - Roland (I) Young
John - Chauffeur - Russ (I) Clark
Mac - David (I) Clyde
Sidney Kidd - Henry Daniell
Dr. Parsons - Robert De Bruce
George Kitteridge - Don DeFore
Thomas - Rex Evans

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