What are the characters in The Pumpkin Eater movie

The characters in The Pumpkin Eater movie are
Sharon - Mimosa Annis
Mrs. James - Jo's mother - Rosalind (I) Atkinson
Woman at Hairdressers - Yootha Joyce
Nanny - Faith Kent
Older Sharon - Sharon (I) Maxwell
Younger Dinah - Kate (I) Nicholls
Younger Elizabeth - Phoebe Nicholls
Waitress at zoo - Leslie Nunnerley
Philpot - Maggie (I) Smith
Jo Armitage - Anne (I) Bancroft
Older Dinah - Frances (II) White
Older Elizabeth - Elizabeth Dear
Beth Conway - Janine (I) Gray
Piano tuner - Leslie Garrad
Mr. James - Jo's father - Cedric Hardwicke
Giles - Richard (I) Johnson
Undertaker - John Junkin
1st Man in Bar - David (I) Langton
2nd Man in Bar - Ronald Leigh-Hunt
Doctor - Cyril Luckham
Bob Conway - James (I) Mason
Older Fergus - Fergus McClelland
Surgeon - Anthony (I) Nicholls
Younger Jack - Martin Norton
Younger Pete - Rupert Osborne
Removal Man - Ron Pember
Older Pete - Gregory (I) Phillips
Psychiatrist - Eric (I) Porter
Older Jack - Michael Ridgeway
Party Guest - Geoffrey Rose
Man at party - Gerald Sim
King of Israel - Frank Singuineau
Mr. Armitage - Jake's father - Alan Webb
Youngest child - Mark Crader
Older Mark - Kash Dewar
Younger Fergus - Christopher (I) Ellis
Jake Armitage - Peter (I) Finch
Parson - John Franklyn-Robbins

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