What are the characters in The Quiet movie

The characters in The Quiet movie are
Dina - Sara Laudonia
Madelaine - Sheilagh Laughlin
Christy - Kymberly Mellen
Michelle Fell - Katy Mixon
Sara - Linsey Page Morton
Sign Language Interpreter - Sharon Ploeger
Newscaster #1 - Diane Quest
Newscaster #1 - Diane Quest
Betty - Bettina Rousos
Myrna - Jo (II) Baker
Dot - Camilla Belle
Basketball Fan - Angela Ware
Medical Examiner - Michele (II) Williams
Fiona - Shannon Woodward
High School Student - Michelle Brew
Waitress - Myrna (I) Cabello
Mrs. Feltswatter - Maria Cash
Biology Student - Mallory Culbert
Newscaster #2 - Quita Culpepper
Nina Deer - Elisha Cuthbert
Olivia Deer - Edie Falco
Vick - Valerie Gorman
Lily - Anne (IV) Gregory
Anita - Julie Handy
Hornet Fan - Jennifer (IV) Holt
Hornet Fan - Nicole (I) Holt
Regina McQueen - Laura E. Johnston
Brian - David (I) Gallagher
Ted & Christy's Son - Jonah Ganzarin-Berg
Vice Principal - Troy (I) Harris
Coroner - Bruce (IV) Hayes
Hornet Fan - Christopher (III) Holt
Hornet Fan - Kevin (II) Holt
Tea - Dustin Jesudason
Student - Landon Kash
High School Student - Max Kruemcke
Ted - Jamie Levels
Dominic - Mike (I) McNamara
Remy - Robert Mello
Connor - Shawn Ashmore
Ted - Jeremy Sklar
Dima - Eric Slater
Officer Jim - Ken (I) Thomas
Coffee - James Glen Tucker
Mr. Piln - Steve Uzzell
Sluis - Fred Wellisch
Cougars Fan - Ricky Cavazos
Estate Salesman - Stan Christensen
Police Officer - Rudy Costa
Paul Deer - Martin (II) Donovan
Jay - Dano Duran

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