What are the characters in The Real Rocky movie

The characters in The Real Rocky movie are
Herself - Phyllis Wepner
Himself - Muhammad (I) Ali
Himself - Friars Club Roast - Dave (II) Anderson
Andre the Giant - Andr� the Giant
Himself - Bill Gallo
Himself - Roy (VIII) Harris
Himself - Jerry Izenberg
Himself - Don (I) King
Himself - Sportswriters Roundtable - Bob Kurland
Himself - Friars Club Roast - Jake LaMotta
Himself - Sonny Liston
Himself - Attorney - Tony Mango
Himself - Buster Mathis
Himself - Sportswriters Roundtable - Charlie McGill
Himself - Vince McMahon
Himself - Friars Club Roast - Randy Neumann
Himself - Floyd Patterson
Himself - Tony (XV) Perez
Himself - Bergen Record - John (XXI) Rowe
Himself - Friars Club Roast - Budd Schulberg
Himself - Sylvester Stallone
Himself - Artie Stock
Himself - John Stoehr
Himself - Friars Club Roast - Bert Randolph Sugar
Himself - Friars Club Roast - Nick (II) Tosches
Himself - Friars Club Roast - Floyd Vivino
Himself - Chuck Wepner
Himself - Don Wepner
Himself - Albert Westphal
Himself - Irwin Winkler
Himself - Freddie Blassie
Himself - Friars Club Roast - Bill Boggs
Himself - New York Post - Vic Ziegel
Himself - Al Braverman
Himself - Gary Braverman
Himself - James (I) Brown
Himself - Dominick Bufano
Herself - Al Certo
Himself - Robert Chartoff
Himself - Dennis (VI) Collins
Himself - Howard Cosell
Himself - Mike (I) Douglas
Himself - George Foreman
Himself - Former Boxer - Scott (VII) Frank
Himself - Friars Club Roast - Joe (V) Franklin

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